China is the largest luxury consumption market in the world. These years, with the digitalization of the Chinese society and the increase of cross-border e-commerce solutions, the way to market in China has obviously changed. Even Luxury brands can’t avoid the digital influence because it is changing at the same time consumer’s behavior. Under this marketing situation, luxury brands have to made themselves close to public.

In addition, consumer’s behaviors and trends in term of buying luxury goods are impressive in China. Chinese society welcomes branded products which introduce new ideas and innovation.

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Use the E-commerce platforms

80% of Chinese buyers are under 45 years of age. They are highly fascinated by western brands and have high internet consumption. Therefore, the most suitable way to reach this buyer group is through internet. Chinese people are more willing to purchase online nowadays because of the convenience of e-commerce platforms.

Tmall and JD, the two leaders of e-commerce in China has launched last year their dedicated platform for luxury brands, respectively called “the luxury pavilion” and “Toplife”. Tmall and JD aims to guide their super-wealthy customers to these platforms. and Alibaba are going toe to toe on the new battlefield of high-end fashion, providing different advantages for their partners.

These platforms can be fiercely competitive. They have both a large user base to tap into but it is not enough to only appear on their platform. Your brand must be supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign to gain visibility.

Celebrities and Influencers are chased by luxury brands in China.

You should go further than just posting and engaging with your fans. You should attract new fans to follow you on WeChat and Weibo. As KOL (key opinion leaders) and celebrities have a strong impact on Chinese consumers, luxury brands are working closely with them to promote their products.

Burberry collaborated with Wu YiFan, a Chinese star model and singer for their last men collection to share some VIP content on Weibo. This obviously attracted a lot of attention from Chinese users (especially women).

We are a KOL agency in China. It is important to know the social media part of Chinese society to market in China because it is linked. Find the right brand representative can boost your reputation.

Wechat x Luxury brands, together to innovate

At the beginning, Wechat  was a app for communication but it has developed a lot of features, waiting to be explored by brands. We have to notice here that WeChat has now over 1 billion of monthly active users. According to its surprising capacities and its important user data base, WeChat has taken more and more attentions from luxury brands.

There are some case study about luxury brands WeChat marketing below :

Longchamp : a personalize customization to improve consumer’s satisfaction

Through Wechat, the well-known French luxury brand Longchamp offered the possibility to customize its flagship bag. Consumers could choose the size, the color, the style to make their personalized model.


Burberry : “order your own individual name ornament card”

Users who have subscribed on Burberry’s WeChat official account can participate to the event launched by the brand and gain their own customized card. Burberry cooperated with WeChat, and proposed to customers to order ornament at any time with their Chinese or English name on it.


Dior : Limited edition of bag sold on WeChat

For the Chinese valentine’s day, Dior has posted on its official WeChat account, “Lady Dior small, the Chinese valentine’s Day limited version, will be sale in online Shop”. It was only sold on WeChat, in limited time and  limited number. This action became the best innovation in luxury industry.


YSL : A WeChat Game to improve consumer’s engagement

Yves-Saint-Laurent, one of the most appreciated luxury brand in China promoted a number game on WeChat and Weibo to predict players’ lucky numbers. The exploration of lucky at the last season of 2016 was predicted by talented spirit of several, Evelyne Lehnoff. People can get their own lucky number after they gave their birth month and days. There were many women engaged in this game. They participated actively, left messages and shared with their friend among their social network.

Tom ford : fashion show live in WeChat, an unique consumption experience

At 08, September of 2016, the fall/winter fashion show of TOM FORD 2016 stared in Seagram Building. At the same time, TOM FORD opened the live show on WeChat as well.

It is a very new experience to consumers as WeChat was transformed into an “e-commerce platform”. They had the possibility to buy any clothes, shoes, and stuffs they saw on live show immediately through WeChat shop.


O2O strategy for luxury brands

Luxury brands need to communicate more often with their online customers. In big cities, Chinese people are almost all online. To reach your target consumer and your potential consumer, offline marketing activities must integrate online marketing strategies. Brands needs to publish informative content, interactive online activities by earning rewards or point system, develop inquisitiveness and providing shop and sale options on their social media accounts. If you don’t do that, other brands will, taking over time the advance.

Even if luxury brands have been relying and working on their quality of services, they have now to manage it according the evolution of the society.

The digitalization of China has brought a lot of new tools, creating new opportunities. You want to explore the Chinese market? GMA can help you for it. Our agency is specialized in digital marketing and we have the knowledges about Chinese consumer’s habits. We follow the latest trends and make our services up-to-date to effectively promote your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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