Today we will analyse Chinese Local Marketing strategy and try to identify their Strength.

1/ E-Business as a main weapon


In China, online purchases are very common. Thus, brands must be very familiar with e-business.

The chinese market is very rich : China has more than 1,3 billions of inhabitants, and amongst them, 800 millions have a cell phone, which they use a lot to purschase stuff on internet.

As a matter of fact, chinese people in general use much more their cell phone than their computer to surf on the net. Around 600 millions chinese people surf regularly on the net. 40% of them may purchase online : it’s a very important market for chinese brands.

Chinese people are getting wealthier, allowing e-commerce a constant growth.

In China, e-commerce’s main actors are Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall.. A brand willing to enhance its digital strategy must be efficient in this sector.

Tmall agency

2/ Information-seeking tools must be under control

Baidu SEO

Brand image is very important on the chinese digital market. The local customer does not trust the brand easily. Firstly, he wants to know more about it. To do so, customers may use different networks such as information from the net, or even advices given by some people they already know.

To get to know the brand better, the chinese web customer uses Baidu. It is the most important search engine in China. He will then have access to many results. He also may use blogs to increase his knowledge about a brand. He wants to know about the brand in intself, but also about the other customers’ opinions. 

Therefor, the brand must know where the customers’ opinions come from, to be able to insert the answers to their questions.

3/ Reliability of the chinese brand

Strategy China

Chinese netizens allow a huge importance to the reliability of the brand they look for. Indeed, the chinese market is full of fakes.

Therefor, chinese people are very precautious.

Nowadays, the chinese customer will only choose a trustful brand. The brand has to be authentic to attract more clients.

The more reliable the brand will be, the more chances it will get to keep a good contact with its customers. There is no point for the brand not to be reliable. If a brand is not reliable, they will not receive good opinions. Whereas if a brand takes care of its reliability, it will be easier for the company to get good feedbacks.

4/ The brand must enjoy a great visibility

Wechat et Weibo

In order to be constantly linked with its targets, the brand must be very active on social networks to retain its followers. WeChat and Weibo are the main actors in this field. On these kind of social networks, you can post text messages, photos, videos, ..



On Weibo, you can change your homepage whenever you want. When on WeChat, the account offers a menu with different levels, adapting to the followers’ use.

Ymatou a crossbording has invest a lot in visibility and invest a lot of money in the web to appear among their target.



5 /  micro-videos as main images in 2016angela baby yangmatou


2016 will be related to micro-videos. The customers love this kind of short images, which aim their target straight away. Therefor, the brands will have to take these micro-videos into account to keep attracting their customers.

These micro-videos can be used in many different ways. It is a new challenge for brands, but it can reveal itself as being an important new market.

6/  Competitive comparision as a chinese reflex


Chinese customers inform themselves about the prices. They usually do a competitive comparison online.

They select different products, then they choose the best one to their eyes. Therefor, brands must be careful with their price in order to elaborate their strategy.

7/ Involve the brand in groups and communities


In addition to posting, the brand will have to develop relations with its customers, who often enjoy priviledged relationships. The brand can also post subjects related to customers’ needs, which will increase their interest about the brand itself.

Social Network

Creating a user’s profile on social networks such as WeChat or Weibo can allow the brand to launch some discussions linked directly to her in order to keep its name trendy. 

More information about Digital in China here

8 Adapt to mobile-size


In 2016, the brands will have to adapt as much as possible to mobile-size. Most of chinese customers use their cellphones. Therefor, the brands must be able to answer to this situation. As a result, they must have a mobile version of their website. This is really important if they want to keep in touch with their customers. 


9 Business to Business : Find new partnerships


Internet in China is also used to find new partnerships and suppliers. China remains a central area of the worldwide production. As a result, foreign ad local companies never stop looking for new suppliers. is the best way to encounter these suppliers. Many chinese suppliers are available there. Its good electronic mailbox allows buyers and sellers to get in touch easily.

digital China

However, it is quite hard to check if the supplier is a real company. The « goldmember » label cannot be considered as a security because you only have to pay it to get it.

Therefor, the analysis must be done very carefully, sharpening it as much as possible to be able to compare the different solutions available.

10 Product placement


Product placement is a very good way to link an image or an influent personality to the brand. The brand will then know what kind of target it will be aiming the most. This is a good strategy because it allows the brand to focus on this particular population.

An efficient product placement combined to an appropriated buzz marketing is usually very profitable to the brand. Many examples have shown that a brand can benefit from a large review with a well-led buzz. More information here

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