If you come to China to do e-Commerce and are a manager , there are things you absolutely must know in relation to China and digitals. Through this article, Marketing to China will provide you the 5 keys to success as a manager e-Commerce in the Middle Kingdom.

The importance of e-Commerce in China

You probably already know but in China , e- commerce is an element not to be taken lightly . In constant growth , the digital attracting more and more consumers , sales on the Web rose 30 % last year and is still expected to increase by 25% next year. So you need to invest in digital in China. However You will have to respect certain codes as in design or language . Your site must be written in Chinese and have a particular typography. In addition you will need to host it in China. Any of these will give you an advantage in terms of SEO. Finally , you will be on an e -commerce platform to sell your product because the Chinese will give a fairly high level of confidence. The best solution for you is Tmall, the favorite of Chinese people.

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SEO to get quality traffic

As noted above, write a site in Chinese and hosted it in China can help you in SEO . Why SEO is so important? Chinese are highly connected and , when considering a purchase, they most often find product information on Baidu (which still accounts for 60% of all searches performed in China on the web) . Therefore it will be important for you to optimize your SEO to improve your visibility.

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Social medias in China : get closer to your consumers

Another essential element in your digital strategy in China is the link that you have to create with your customers. Therefore you will need to absolutely be present on social medias. No Facebook or Twitter, here are the leaders WeChat (500 million users) and Weibo (200 million daily users) . You have to realize the importance of these and learn to master them to reach your target and their loyalty . Especially with these tools you can create a micro- blog to gather opinions about you (Weibo) and create a community with which the interactions are numerous (WeChat).

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How to manage your eBusiness ?


Now we made this quick overview over digital in China it is time to focus on the management according to local customs. There are certain things you must know about and here we will explain them briefly. First, be aware of the “face” (Mianzi) . For not losing face your employees , do not confront them directly . The Founder of Tailormade Chinese school based in Shanghai explained in a conference : ” Loyalty is also very important as it is to your employees or partners”. Finally you will have to be authoritarian and respectfull with the workers at your side.


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Build your Team or Use a smart Agency

It will be very important in China to create cohesion between your employees mainly if your team is composed of Chinese and Western people. Set up events for the latter will be very well seen and you will know them better, and most importantly, they will learn about you. Do not underestimate the importance of cohesion in business , especially if your company is multicultural.

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As a conclusion, Charles a pioneer in the team building in China told us about these three tips :- Surround yourself with a good team , learn to delegate and manage cultural difference

– Your network must be treated with great importance

– Be patient on the development of your company in China.

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