The e-commerce is booming in China these last years. In addition, China’s growth economy invloved a new kind of consumers who have more expectations regarding their purchasing. Thus, they need more authenticity and innovative products. Nowadays, Chinese consumers doing shopping online.

Chinese consumers prefer purchasing products overseas online !

growth rate of online shoppers in China

Then, they are 58% to focus their buying onto foreign products mainly Korean, Japan and French beauty goods.

Why ?

Cross-border websites keeps going on increasing in 2015 and welcomes more and more companies overseas in order to satisfy consumers’ demand. Moreover, Tmall Global hosted 5 400 foreign brands in 2015.  According to Chinese consumers, buying foreign products is a sign of quality. Indeed, they want to avoid the counterfeiting’s scourge which is rising up in China.

Also, Chinese consumers are very sensitive to products’ prices and promotion they find online. That’s why, e-commerce platforms in China such as Tmall or allow them to purchase luxury and cosmetics products from out of China. These lower prices are due to the importation rate less important regarding this kind of goods.


Huge opportunities

The Chinese consumers’ interest for foreign luxury and cosmetics products enables brands overseas to penetrate easier this special market. Moreover, the most of famous brands succeeded getting into the Mainland by passing through social medias or Chinese e-commerce platforms.

As example, Lancôme launched a new product “The Swan-Neck Wand Mascara” by running a Wechat campaign which presented the mascara’s new features. When users click on the ad, they redirected to a micro e-commerce website and had the possibility to buy the product. Obviously, it was a limited edition which attract further consumers around it. This consumers’ experience is a really good way to engage them !

lancôme campagne wechat

Foreign companies’ challenge

While e-commerce’s expansion in China, getting into the cosmetics Chinese market for companies overseas represents a really huge issue. Indeed, brands have to be informed about this special area mainly regarding to consumers’ needs. Actually, their purchasing behavior regularly shifts and it must be difficult to follow their trends.

In addition, they are very sensitive to their old traditional culture especially regarding to the Chinese medicine. Consequently, it is crucial for these companies to learn more about traditional ingredients and include its in cosmetics products in order to further reach consumers.

Imported Food Market is developping fast 

imported goods

Maternity Imported products is booming in China. 

Chinese people do not trust in local brands and prefer imported product when it concerns Babies and kids. 


Famous medicinal ingredients

Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis

This ingredient has anti-ageing vertus, hydrating features and improves the skin aspect. It is used by the most of famous internationale brands such as Herborist, Estée Lauder and Yue Sai in its products’ development.



It is a Korean and Chinese herb used for thousand years in Asia to nurse pathological deases or psycological troubles. Used in cosmetics products, this ingredient is an anti-oxydant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue remedy.

Bird’s Nest

bird's nest

This ingredient is used in products for feeling well. It gives tonus and vitality to skin and people look younger.

Tremella Fuciformis

Tremella Fuciformis

It has hepatoprotective qualities which are helpful for the detoxification of liver. Then,  it improves immune system and allows a better blood’s circulation. This ingredient is also used for anti-ageing and hydrating products thanks to its proteins and vitamin D.

Digital Marketing

Foreign startups have the possibilty to get into the Mainland thanks to various platforms without passing by long administrative processes. Therefore, penetrating the Chinese market is not so easy especially for smaller brands overseas. Indeed, in order to be welcomed on famous Chinese e-commerce platforms, it is important to be known by Chinese consumers.

That’s why our Marketing Agency exists. Thus, we help brands to approach Chinese audience by using efficient tools on Chinese social medias. The goal is to engage customers and create a communty management around small brands. Also, we allow its to have a good position on Baidu, the first search engine in China with appropriate keywords, backlinks and many other features which increase brands’ awareness and visibility online.

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