China is a growing society, and changes are coming at a rapid pace every time. A district, for example, may become very different from one year to another. Under this high rhythm in daily life, more and more Chinese people are nowadays feeling the pressure. In addition, the development of the country indeed improves the quality of life, but prices and expenses are also becoming more difficult to bear. In big cities like Shanghai, the cost of living is quite high. It is common to see someone putting more than half of his income into housing. The disparity in wealth, which tends to widen, creates some kind of instability in the atmosphere.

Growing competition in Chinese society

There are many opportunities in China but the question is how to seize them, and everyone understands this rule. Likewise, the competition between graduates is very important in China. By taking this problem into account, young people are confronted very early with the need to make efforts and to distinguish themselves from others. In addition, many Chinese parents have tended to compare their child with “other people’s child”. Indirectly, One-child politics also plays a role. Parents are putting all the attention and all hope into their unique child, young Chinese of the recent generation are almost used to be under tension.

What are the most lucrative businesses in China?

Fitness centers’ boom in China

A trend we can see in China, directly or indirectly related to the subject, is the development of sports halls. A few years ago, you could hardly see in the streets when today it is common to see people posting photos of them in the gym. Whether it’s for work out and stay in shape or relax, more and more people are getting used to fitness centers.

Dietary food supplements

Some people choose to take dietary food supplements. While before, Chinese consumers bought mostly for elderly people, today vitamins and supplements have become very popular in China among different ages. To maintain energy at work, improve fitness results, lose weight or gain muscle … all types of dietary food supplement’s function find their place in the Chinese market. Consumers have a trend to ask recommendations and pieces of advice online and through their friends/family before purchase, to learn about useful products and reassure themselves.

Travel and relax

Travel is the best option to relieve oneself, although time is sometimes lacking. There are many applications in China to enjoy on weekends, to find good deals or places to visit. The transport flow during weekends is very high in China, especially in the big cities where workers catch the weekend’s moment to make short visits. During these occasions, it is well allowed to have fun.

How brands try to reach Chinese Customers?

Commercials ads adapt their communication and tend to “get the head above the water” of consumers. They encourage them through phrases like “there is the world, and there is oneself” to remind people to think about other things and to get back on their feet.  Many advertising campaigns communicate in this “caring” style to get the attention and commitment from consumers. Indeed, in an environment saturated with advertisings, ordinary and classic ads can’t attract the eye anymore because they got lost among the others.

In addition, many songs also are based on this topic. This is why the new trend of rap so appreciated in China, because it has the quality, to be frank, saying directly all matters and feelings. It allows the public, in a way, to express themselves and to find themselves through lyrics.

The need to keep face

One of the most important things in China is to “keep face”. They speak about ” mian zi”. Chinese want to have a good image in front of their family and friends. For the majority, even if they have to work harder every day, it doesn’t matter because when the times comes to have fun or to relax, they can go frankly. It is on these occasions that they share the most actively their activities on their social networks.

Considering their difficulty, creating proximity with customers is one of the key factors to reach a large number of consumers in China.

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