Let’s take a look at the Chinese internet industry:

In 2015, Chinese netizen have reached 668 million, which is 6% more than last year.

  • 659 million netizen use social media, more than Europe and the USA reunited
  • 675 million people own 1.3 billion mobile phones contract
  • 594 million mobile phone user surf on the internet via their smartphone
  • 574 million of the social media user their smartphone, a big increase of 15 million people compare to last year

Those figures are impressive, foreign companies and local ones are fighting to get a market share. How do they succeed on the internet? Let’s analyze the cosmetics, tourism and beverage markets.

Cosmetics in China 

The cosmetics market is increasing year by year in China, the Chinese buy a brand and its reputation after all.

The marketing strategies are emphasizing on data collection and brand development. To do so, they use 3 strategies called SNS, e-PR and they also use the e-commerce platform.

Social Networking Sites : It is a very important tool in the cosmetics sector because the Chinese always prefer to get their information online before buying anything. The internet has some reliable sources.

SNS site in English

E-PR: All of their data collection could be studied and put into reports; it is also very easy to manage the community management in social network where most of the e-Public-Relation communications take place. It is a very useful tool to attract potential clients. It could be interesting to make people know a Key Opinion Leader who will give a great visibility to your products. 

Chinese TV star tastes chocolate

E-commerce, a platform where you need to succeed: The data that you collect are good on those e-commerce platforms; big companies will be able to affect your buying decision after having studied what kind of consumer you are, according to the date they have collected. In China, this size market has reached the size of $589 billion in 2015.



Do you know JD ?


The tourism market

This industry is booming, Chinese people increase their salary wage and they want to travel. It is very easy for a tourism company to set up online. This is a list with the advantages:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Specific marketing on targets
  • Simple reputation management
  • Feedback from the market

Some keypoints:

  • Over half of the tourists compare 2 websites
  • 18% of them compare 3 websites
  • 9% of tourists compare 4 websites or more

The beverage market

Compare to the cosmetics market and the tourism market, companies in the beverage industry are more focused on the brand development.

china beverage in supermarket

They use in majority Public Relation solutions to increase their market share. The health and food recurrent scandals have pushed the companies to make efforts on the product quality. Their goal is to reassure the consumers by giving them a professional image. A good example would be to work with a Key Opinion Leader, a famous person who will consume your product can only be positive.

Videos with a good content are also trendy to make the buzz and are overly used among this beverage market. Keep in mind that a good communication has to be broadcasted on the right channel. Therefore the non-alcoholic brands will prefer advertise on the internet where a young target can be easily found, whereas alcoholic brands will prefer to invest in platforms where older people are more likely to be.

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