it is a new trends, Kitchen smart appliances are popular in China.

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Kitchen & Food in China

China is a country where family and sharing food experiences are an integral part of culture. This has led to higher household incomes as well as increased purchasing power, which continues to drive demand for new products and kitchenware.

Home appliance companies must look beyond their product portfolios to embrace China’s unique food culture and national character in order to capitalize on this opportunity. They must understand Chinese cooking preferences, motivations, and cooking methods and find relevant, meaningful ways to meet their needs.

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When it comes to meeting consumer needs, it is worth noting that many Western appliances don’t work in a Chinese kitchen.

The wok is still the most popular choice in China, which has a long tradition of cooking on open fires. As a gesture of hospitality, hosts will usually offer lots of food to guests when hosting them. This cultural etiquette is important because it affects how people clean up, clear the tables, and manage leftovers.

Some appliance manufacturers start to cater to the Chinese market in recent years. We have seen them develop induction cookers with curved surfaces to work with woks, and dishwashers that have a deeper, wider inner space to hold Chinese kitchenware and utensils. They are not the norm, but they are an exception.

The new lifestyle trends in China also demand faster innovation in home appliances.

Healthy Lifestyle

China’s work style has also had an impact on how people live at their homes. The way people cook and eat has changed due to the long hours they work and the high-pressure, fast-paced lifestyles. These shifts present new opportunities and challenges for the kitchen market and home appliances market.

Mini-sized kitchen appliances such as juicers and electric cookers are in high demand due to the relatively new trend of eating alone. Microwave ovens are a better choice than traditional rice cookers for smaller families.

Manage Chinese consumers expectation

Chinese consumers have higher expectations about what products should do. With integrated appliances becoming more popular, form, function, and convenience are essential. They can be fitted into small spaces and offer multiple functions, are compact and easy to clean, and are also very convenient.

China’s real estate market has a significant impact on the household appliance market. The penetration rate for household appliances in China has reached 85% in tier 1 cities and 2. In China, the penetration rate for household appliances in tier 3-4 cities is lower than 50%. This indicates that these areas will be a significant growth market for the industry. In tier-1 and 2, the focus will be on replacing existing appliances. Lower tier cities will be focused on first-time purchases.

Case study : sell Bender on Tmall Livestreaming or TV Shopping

Vitamix welcomed Chinese customers to their headquarters during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. The festival featured a full test kitchen as well as a museum about the century-old home appliances brand’s history. source Aliza

Vitamix executives shared their recipes with the brand’s appliances during the livestreaming of two hours. Vitamix seamlessly blends into everyday life all over the globe, and all the recipes were created with Chinese taste in mind.

This US based brand uses livestreaming, key opinion leaders and localization strategies in order to engage local customers.


This brand use more Red (aka little Red book) to promote their brand among Chinese female consumers with engaging post, tutorial to make great receipe.

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