China Toy Market is Booming

The income of Chinese urbanites is increasing at a steady rate, this progress has improved quality of life, and eventually, demand for little members of the family has given a boost to China toy market. According to Euromonitor, the total retail sales of toys and games in China have risen from Rmb71.7 billion in 2010 to Rmb 192.3 billion in 2015. This increase forecasts for average annual growth of 21.8% and are expected to exceed Rmb300 billion by 2019.  The prominent shift has been noticed from traditional, medium- to low-end battery-operated toys, construction sets, and decorative toys towards innovative electronic toys, intelligent toys as well as upmarket plush toys and decorative cloth toys.

China Toy Market overview

 Presently, there are around 226 million children under the age of 14 years on the Chinese mainland. Increased online exposure and steady economic growth of China, has made the prospect of China toy market rosy.

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  • 93% of Chinese parents surveyed point out that “I hope my child can have a pleasant and happy childhood; I will continue to buy toys to satisfy my child’s demand for toys”.
  • Usually older children between the age of 6-12 get rewarded by their parents for the good efforts they make.
  • Younger children from age 3 already know what toy they want and would ask their parents for it.
  • The majority of children (73%) get to know about new toy trends from their friends.
  • Children aged 9-14 learn about new toys from internet and their favorite includes electronic games.
China Toy Market

Which type of toys are most popular among Chinese Children?

Competition in China toy market is intense, in terms of cost and innovation. Generally, there is high demand for foreign brands due to global popularity and perception of good quality. The higher to middle-class market is dominated by foreign brands while domestic brands control the lower end of the market.

Interactive Electronic toys have strong growth potential. This category counts for both conventional toys, like action figures, as well as experimental products, such as virtual reality and intelligent toys.

Plush toys of various Disney and famous cartoon characters are popular among children and adults of all ages.

E-commerce China Toy Market

Due to the strong presence of online media and seamless online shopping options with easy paying methods, Chinese citizens opt to shop online. According to a survey conducted in 2010, only 14% of the parents indicated shopping for toys online. However, in a survey conducted in 2014, this trend has risen to 46%.

Last year, parents who have bought toys online, 79% chose the Taobao platform to shop for toys online. Whereas, other E-commerce platforms, include TMALL (56%) and (39%).

How International Children Toy Brands can sell on E-commerce platforms of China?

China E-commerce platforms can be reached by almost everybody in China. They are also considered the most convenient method of shopping. As quality and features of products can be discussed among shoppers, prices can be compared on various platforms, each city in China has access to products and cheap delivery facilities. Although opportunities are astounding there are constraints due to cultural barriers, language differences, and strict e-commerce platforms policies.

However, there are two vital approaches to enter China’s E-commerce and be successful. Branding and presence of International brands on well-known E-commerce platforms.

Branding is Key to Enter Chinese market

In China Toy Market, parents are generally concerned about the safety (66%) and style/exterior design (55%) of the product. Plush toys are popular among girls of different age groups. While boys like remote-control/electric toys and figurines of popular cartoon characters.

Several International brands experienced a negative impacts on the brand image if their marketing campaign go wrong. Therefore, When approaching China’s E-commerce, it is advisable to partner with a local digital agency as it is equipped with the right set of skills to find a “sweet spot” between the International brand value and preference of Chinese consumers.

 Presence on Chinese E-commerce Platforms

Selling in China toy market via TMALL or TMALL Global

TMALL holds the biggest market share in the e-commerce market of China at 57%. It mainly focuses on premium brands. This characteristic makes TMALL the most expensive e-commerce marketplace in China. It provides an opportunity for international brands to open exclusive online stores and directly sell products to Chinese consumers without being physically present in China.

TMALL has an invitation-only policy where only qualified international brands can either be invited to join or can apply through a local digital marketing agency. For more information on how to sell International products through TMALL, please contact a digital marketing agency.

 Selling in China toy market via

JD is China’s largest online direct sales company. It relatively has less market share than International companies can open individual online stores on JD’s cross-border service enables suppliers to sell directly to Chinese consumers without a local presence. is less expensive than has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products.

 Selling in China toy market via Haitao Web Interface?

There are several cross-border websites that cater to international brands. Chinese consumers prefer buying imported products from Haitao websites. To learn about which Haitao is suitable for your brand please contact a local marketing agency catering to International brands.

Selling in China toy market via Taobao

Taobao is owned by Alibaba Group. It offers the largest C2C e-commerce marketplace in China. Taobao allows registered or non-registered businesses to sell directly to consumers. Establishing a store on Taobao is virtually free but the online marketplace is ruled by small sole sellers who compete fiercely on price and honesty and authenticity is an unwritten rule of their trade ethics. Sellers with low budget and low-quality products opt for this platform.

 Selling in China toy market via WeChat Store

WeChat is engrained in the lifestyles of Chinese consumers. It is an all-in-one app that integrates social e-commerce seamlessly. Wechat store gives numerous possibilities to International brands to reach Chinese consumers effectively. Possibilities range from Branding to campaigning and easy payment methods.


Selling Children Toys on WeChat Store

WeChat Service Account is considered the most suitable for business and organization that aspires to access advanced WeChat Official Account. Service accounts allow more APIs (Minisite) and companies are can open their own store. The online store can be used to manage products, take orders, display products, and manage customer complaints. For more information on how to manage Wechat stores, international companies are advised to partner with an expert Digital Marketing Agency, willing to apply for an Official WeChat Account on behalf of the international company.


Are you interested in selling children’s toys in China’s e-commerce market, and learn how you can target Chinese consumers digitally? You are welcome to call us for a friendly discussion and learn about your brand’s prospects in the Chinese E-commerce market. Our Digital Marketing agency provides international brands with tools that are optimal to unlock this enormous market to earn their full potential. If you are interested in exploring Chinese Digital E-Commerce platforms, reach out to us for customised advice.

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