Behind the academy’s doors, what is the program?

The main goal is to help internet celebrity to produce original web broadcast content. For giving an overall training, it provides a perfect incubating system with webcast opportunities, e-commerce and offline activities. The academy also claims to help improve all aspects of those girls appearance and performance, even if it’s not quite clear how they do that.

At present, the number of network anchors in the base has exceeded 600 persons.

Last year, a college in Chongqing began offering students, who are interested this new growing vocation, a training program to teach them how to become an internet star. “[We will teach] for example, how to ask for gifts, how to create a viral topic, manage the fans’ minds”, the South China Morning Post quoted one of the program’s creators as saying.

Two types of internet celebrities in China

the context of present celebrity culture, it exists several means of the internet to become an internet star. There are two main types : those who create entertaining and original content like Papi Jiang (a popular comedy video celebrity) and those the “fashionistas”.

The first one often became well-known by creating funny and original videos posted on social media platforms. It can be about an every topic, as the creator has its own charm or talent. For example, on Ms Papi’s videos, she laughs about daily life things such as the star worship phenomenon, people’s true feeling during the Chinese spring festival, and the experience of being asked by elderly awkward questions on her relationship…

One of the common point between these internet celebrities is that they done their video by themselves, whether for the script, the acting or the edit. They got closer to their audience in sharing similar experiences and feelings.

Online fashionistas

Ling-Ling is known as Wanghong in China (which means internet celebrities in mandarin). People can see through her photos on micro-blogging site Weibo, her glamorous and leisurely life. She shows herself dinning at fancy restaurants, travelling to places like Dubai or Tokyo, always dressed in fashionable way and never without make-up.

These fashionistas influence their followers by giving a picture-perfect life on social media. As Chinese people in China are seeking for a better way of life, these persons bring them inspiration and even become a model to follow for a lot young ladies.

Chinese kol make a lot of money

In recent years, the popularity of live-streaming became very important in China. As results, a lot of young women pursing fame and fortune online. Even if they generally have to work long hours in cramped quarters inside.

Papi jiang’s capital amounts to 12 Million yuan

Thanks to its videos, Papi Jiang, a 30 years old Chinese woman, attracted investors such as Zhen Fund, one of the biggest investors who have more than 300 start-ups in her portofolio. She began to add advertising in some on her videos, but always in her way. For example, she started a partnership with the brand L’Oréal, and Tuc (Belgian biscuit). To go further, she also began to sell her own T-shirts, which were sold on Taobao within 36 minutes after the launch.

Recently, Papi participated on variety shows and was asked by several movie’s producers to play the main role.

Fashionistas work as their own shops’ models

As Ling Ling, Zhang Dayi is another online fashionistas well-known in China. She is said to make more than 300 million yuan a year, amassing thousands of fans on her Weibo Page (the main micro-blogging website in China).

Ling Ling and Zhang Da Yi are selling clothes and cosmetics on Taobao, China’s leading online shopping site. They wear and promote by themselves their products through posting pictures on internet. Their most loyal customers are some of their followers from social media platforms.

When Ling Ling was younger, she started a bricks-and-mortar clothing shop in Shanghai, but she soon realized the potential of e-commerce in China and how her online fame can boost her business.

Today, her Taobao shop generates about 300,000 yuan every month in sales and this amount can even double during festivals and e-commerce platforms’ events.

Chinese internet celebrities have huge ad value

The social media have helped a lot of people to increase their audience in a way more global. Also, they aren’t working alone anymore. Most of the companies in China search for partnership with KOL (key opinion leaders in China).

As we saw for Papi Jiang, well-known people on the internet can help brands to promote their products.

KOL have the trust from their audience

Being in touch every day  with their audience and sharing their life with them allow internet celebrities to get the trust from their followers. In China, consumers don’t believe so much in brands, due to many scandals happened in the past. They are giving more faith on the word-of-mouth of persons who they know or followed for a while.

Kol can create buzz

They already have a fame, and have the potential to create original content. But brands have to pay attention in choosing the right person, who must suit to their campaign objectives and image, otherwise it could turn into a bad buzz.

New brands need Kol in their e-commerce strategy

A brand can’t come in China just with a good product idea. The competition is quite important there and online presence and visibility are two crucial points to break through the Chinese market. Brands should collaborate at the beginning with Chinese KOL if they want their business to develop with efficiency in China.

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