In 2024, Chinese consumers show a strong preference for purchasing a variety of products from the USA, including electronics, fashion items, cosmetics, healthcare products, maternity essentials, automobiles, and sports equipment.

The List of popular Made in USA products in China

  1. Electronics products: Chinese consumers have a strong appetite for high-quality electronics and tech gadgets from U.S. brands, known for their innovation and reliability.
  2. Fashion and Apparel: American fashion brands, especially those that blend trendy designs with quality, are highly sought after in China, catering to the fashion-conscious consumers.
  3. Beauty and Skincare Products: U.S.-made beauty and skincare products, reputed for their quality ingredients and research-backed formulations, are popular among Chinese consumers.
  4. Health Supplements: Dietary and health supplements from the U.S., including vitamins, protein powders, and wellness products, are favored for their perceived high standards and efficacy.
  5. Baby Products: Safety and quality are paramount for Chinese parents, making U.S. baby products, including baby formula, clothes, and toys, highly trusted and sought after.
  6. Luxury Goods: Luxury items from the U.S., such as designer handbags, watches, and jewelry, are coveted for their status and craftsmanship.
  7. Sports Equipment: High-quality sports gear and fitness equipment from American brands are popular, driven by the growing fitness and wellness trend in China.
  8. Automobiles: American cars, particularly electric vehicles and premium models, are prized for their quality, performance, and status symbol.
  9. Food and Beverages: Certain American food and beverage products, particularly those that are organic or unique, are increasingly popular as Chinese consumers seek diverse culinary experiences.
  10. Educational Products: Educational tools and products, including books, educational toys, and learning software, are valued for their role in child development and the premium placed on education in China.

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The popularity of e-commerce has quickly increased in China due to the economic development, the growing Chinese middle-class, rising disposable incomes and above all due to Internet and mobile penetration in the Chinese daily life.

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Over the last years, Chinese consumers have rapidly embraced e-commerce.

The reality is that Chinese shoppers are more willing to purchase products online than consumers from other countries. In 2024, the online sales in China increased and crossborder offer opportunities for International brands to sell in China without Brand registration. 

Opportunities for US Brands in China 


Thanks to the Chinese consumers’ interest to purchase foreign goods, during 2013, China was the third-largest importer of U.S. goods by the purchasing of $109 billion in products made-in-U.S.A. In addition, as reported by the Boston Consulting Group, 61 percent of China’s consumers are willing to pay more for a product made in the U.S.A.

What they want to buy from U.S.A.?

Mainly, Chinese online shoppers want to buy from US; luxury goods, fashion, baby formula and beauty products, especially skin care lotions and color cosmetics, tech products



But the question is: what they are seeking in those products? Chinese cross-border buyers are looking for quality and authenticity goods. Also they are seeking better prices, because in China the price of those items is about 40% more expensive than overseas.

Luxury Goods:


  • The economic growth in China has led to a surge in interest among Chinese consumers for luxury goods. These shoppers typically favor foreign-made high-end items.
  • Chinese online shoppers seek not just luxury items from the U.S., but also everyday goods. They prefer imported products either unavailable in China or priced higher there, as indicated by a Tmall Global survey.
  • High-end U.S. products appeal due to perceived better quality, lower cost, and the prestige of buying brands from their country of origin, elevating social and economic status.


ralph lauren


Baby Products

  • Following the 2008 milk scandal in China, there’s a strong preference for imported milk, maternity, and infant-care products.
  • This incident led to a distrust in domestic milk products and a shift towards foreign alternatives.

baby milk

In addition, the curiosity of Chinese online consumers to try U.S.A products is driving a huge demand of foreign food and wine, which are very popular around the world. They are also interested to purchase from U.S.A. other products such as consumer electronics, cosmetics and skin care products and nutritional supplements.

  1. Preference for Imported Products: Following concerns over product safety, such as the 2008 milk scandal, there’s a strong preference among Chinese consumers for imported maternity products. This includes baby formula, maternity supplements, and infant care items, perceived as safer and of higher quality.

  2. Rapid E-commerce Growth: The maternity market in China has seen significant growth in e-commerce platforms. Online shopping provides a convenient and diverse shopping experience for expectant mothers, with a wide range of products available from both local and international brands.

  3. Health and Wellness Focus: There’s an increasing focus on health and wellness products for both mothers and babies. Organic and natural products, including skincare and nutritional supplements, are particularly popular, reflecting a growing awareness of health and safety.

  4. Influence of Social Media and KOLs: Social media and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play a vital role in shaping the maternity market in China. Influencers often endorse products and brands, significantly impacting consumer choices and trends in this sector.

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What are the Top-Selling Baby Products Categories in China?

Tech products


  • Massive Consumer Market: China’s tech product market is one of the largest in the world, driven by a vast consumer base that is tech-savvy and rapidly adopting the latest technology trends.

  • Innovation and R&D Focus: Chinese tech companies are heavily investing in research and development, leading to innovative products in areas such as artificial intelligence, 5G technology, and smart home devices.

  • Government Support and Initiatives: The Chinese government actively supports the tech industry through various initiatives and policies, aiming to make China a global leader in technology and innovation.

  • Rising Domestic Brands: Domestic tech brands in China, like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, have gained significant market share and international recognition, competing directly with global tech giants.

  • E-commerce and Online Retail Growth: E-commerce platforms play a crucial role in the tech product market in China, offering a wide range of products and facilitating easy access for consumers to the latest technology.

The USA is renowned as a hub for high-tech products, with a keen consumer interest in the latest advancements in technology. American products, especially new gadgets and smartwatches, are highly sought after.

To effectively penetrate the Chinese market, foreign companies, particularly those from the USA, must craft robust digital marketing strategies. The impact of social media on the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers is profound, making a strong online presence crucial for attracting this customer base.

For American companies, tapping into the evolving lifestyle aspirations of China’s growing middle class, which now enjoys greater disposable income, is key. The market landscape has evolved; what was once a straightforward entry for foreign entities now demands more sophisticated approaches. Chinese competitors are rapidly gaining ground in terms of trust and market share.

Therefore, to successfully attract Chinese consumers, foreign companies need to employ advanced digital marketing tactics. This requires partnering with specialists who are not only adept in current market trends but also skilled in identifying what resonates with the target audience in China


How and Where to Sell a Tech Brand in China?

Chinese consumers wants Brands, not just products 


Trust is VERY important in China, more than ever in 2024. 

Local products are cheap and they expect branded products with lable from US Firms. 


  1. Perception of Superior Quality: Chinese consumers often associate overseas famous brands with higher quality standards. Products from international brands are perceived to have better materials, craftsmanship, and durability compared to local alternatives.

  2. Status Symbol and Prestige: Owning international famous brands is seen as a status symbol in China. It reflects a certain level of affluence and sophistication, and consumers buy these brands to showcase their success and enhance their social standing.

  3. Variety and Exclusivity: Overseas brands often offer a wider range of choices and exclusive products not available in the domestic market. This variety appeals to Chinese consumers who seek unique and diverse products to stand out.

  4. Trust in Health and Safety Standards: For products like cosmetics, baby products, and food items, overseas brands are trusted for their strict health and safety standards. There’s a general belief that these products are safer and healthier due to stringent regulations in their countries of origin.

  5. Cultural Appeal and Global Lifestyle: Purchasing famous international brands allows Chinese consumers to connect with global cultures and lifestyles. It’s a way to embrace international trends and lifestyles, often influenced by global media and the allure of Western or other foreign cultures.



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Consumers without borders: Chinese shoppers present a key growth opportunity for the U.S. market this holiday season




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  3. Strong Local Networks and Partnerships: The agency has established strong networks and partnerships within China. This includes connections with key platforms, influencers, and other industry players, which can be leveratively to benefit their clients.

  4. Bilingual and Bicultural Team: GMA’s team is often bilingual and bicultural, offering a bridge between Western brands and the Chinese market. This ability to navigate both Western and Chinese cultural contexts is invaluable for international brands looking to enter or expand in China.

  5. Proven Track Record with International Brands: GMA has a history of successful collaborations with international brands, demonstrating their ability to effectively adapt and implement global marketing strategies for the Chinese audience. This track record can provide reassurance to potential clients about the agency’s capabilities and expertise.


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