You want to get updated about the Chinese Corss Border Market China’s Cross-Border E-Commerce to Reach $1.32 Trillion in 2018

Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Transaction Reached 6.7 trillion Yuan estmation around $1.01 trillion in 2016, up by 31% according


Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce 2018

China’s Cross-Border E-commerce Index also predicted  8.8 trillion yuan (1.32T Dollars) that by 2018

B2B + B2C The Value of import export e-commerce Operations will reach  8.8T yuan.

Chinese E-Shoppers

  • 1980s Generation, they are the Main Buyers now with 59% of Orders  .
  • 1990s Generation made up 23 %
  • 1970s Generation 14.4 %.

Most of these buyers were Chinese Middle Class, International Mind. employed in big corporate and haveFamily .

Top Selling Product on Chinese Cross Border Websites

In the year 2016 and 2017, the Top selling goods were

  • cosmetic products,
  • baby & Mother products,
  • shoes,
  • Apparel & Fashion clothes,
  • health products,
  • accessories
  • suitcases.

Top City

Shanghai, Beijing & Hangzhou are top 3 Cities for cross-border e-commerce.

  • Shanghai  11.9 %
  • Beijing 11.1 %
  • Hangzhou  3.8 %.


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