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The emergence of e-commerce in the agricultural sector is becoming more and more profitable especially in some traditional industries. In Liaoning Province in Northeast China the use of the e-commerce is starting to get serious and bring back a lot of money to rural producers.

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A sector still in development

Agriculture now counts for a significant share of global electronic commerce. However, in China, the number of farmers using this type of service is still relatively low. Obviously, rural people have still limited computer knowledge. This is the reason why a direct approach is needed according to experts.

The associate Director of Allyfarm in Liaoning province, Chen Changyin confirmed that : « e-commerce has arrived in the agricultural sector and rural population really need someone to guide them through the steps that will allow them to do business online. What is really positive about using e-commerce is that compared to the classical model you give more informations when you sell your product ».

An opening in a close minded industry ?

For years, the agricultural sector is seen as a market purchase where the supply and demand rules has always led the industry. Nowadays, e-commerce could be a real breakthrough for business: if there is no market for certain product locally, then the e-commerce will allow you to search nationally and internationally.

Liu Xiaodong, the other associate Director of Allyfarm declared that « the e-commerce platform that we have developed provides the most convenient services for farmers with limited knowledge in personal computers. Between buying and selling, there are no intermediary involved ».


A potential that is not negligible

However, the agriculture e-commerce’s development is still far behind the household appliance and clothing’s one. This is mainly due to the insufficient logistisques services and the uncertainty about quality control. Then, Xiaodong decided to set up service centers in every village of the county by providing direct assistance.

Han Shaowei, who is producer of melons in Xinmin County (Liaoning Province) said that « We were always worried about overstocking losses until we begin to use Internet to sell our products online ».

Guan Yang from Xinmin County, Liaoning Province added to that : « When we speak of the Chinese modern agriculture development, it evokes the many ways for innovation and improving land management of the fields and countryside. But farmers using e-commerce to sell their products show that technology can also be a new and effective way to increase their income ».

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