The power of women in the e-commerce sector

Because of the Chinese unique child policy, there are more male than female in China. It is also influencing the commerce of the country. Indeed, there are more male on-line shoppers than female one but women are the biggest spenders. In the first 3 months of this year, they spent €55 billion through e-commerce only.

The trend of shopping more and more on-line is lead by women that spend more that before thanks to the fact that times are changing and most of them have office job now. Shopping on-line is part of their lifestyle, it is what they enjoy to do more than walking for hours in stores.


Shopping on-line becomes fun !

Last year, more than 60% of Chinese on-line consumers spent more than €360 on the Internet. More than half of them were female. Also, over €12,000 a year, 60% of buyers are female. Women are having a significant purchasing power compared to the past few years and are willing to spend it.

In 2013, one third of Chinese on-line consumers bought more than 40 times this year. On those  e-commerce users, 60% were female consumers. Women are going to on-line shopping platform way much more than male even if they are not buying anything. They go there to relax and entertain themselves. They see e-commerce as a fun way to shop. On Taobao, one of the features is called « searching for treasure ». This category has been made for women that simply enjoy searching and browsing on-line without a clear idea of what they want to buy.

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