The high potential of the Chinese e-commerce

 With an average yearly growth of 71% from 2009 to 2012, the Chinese e-commerce has everything to make the rest of the world envious. Since buying power and Internet users both increase, this trend is not going to change anytime soon

 Well-designed and aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the major players in the sector were the tools that brought the democratization of online sales. For instance:

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China has only recently entered the digital world but is catching up very quickly. In 2013 on-line sales have reached the 300 billion mark representing 61% increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, the French digital market only increased by 13.5% over the same period.

 With such an increase the Chinese growth is far from ready to stop. Indeed, the country is doing better that the US, the UK, Germany and France should do by 2020.

It must be said that Chinese major web players will stop at nothing to gain market share and increase the overall number of users

The popularity of Sina Weibo, the “Chinese Twitter” has kept growing since its launch in 2009. Nowadays there are more than 500 million registered members, it is the place to be whoever you are: the micro-blogging platform allows people and brands to increase their audience.

Xiaomi and Sina Weibo flash sale

 In 2012, Xiaomi approached Sina Weibo to set a session of “social commerce” day.This day the Chinese phone manufacturer sold 50000 of its newest model, the Xiaomi Mi2. Everything was part of an elaborate strategy to increase the buzz around the initiative: tweet-shaped commands, payment using the microblogging site.

With 1.3 million requests in less than 5 minutes, this special operation was a complete success

 On-line and real hybrid shops

Yihaodian ecommerce

Despite an increasing number of on-line Chinese e-shoppers, when it comes to food, maintenance or hygiene they still prefer going to real shops.

In an effort to change this trend, Yihaodian, an online grocer designed new e-commerce strategies.
The first was launched in 2008 on Shanghai subway platform. While waiting for the subway to arrive customers could scan the QR code and have their groceries delivered within the next two hours.

The second striking success was in 2012 with a campaign that mixed augmented reality and geo-location. Thousands of online stores using reconstituted linear were open in the top tier Chinese cities often close to their competitors. Locations of the shops were sent to the customers on their Smartphone. This would allow shoppers to go into the virtual supermarkets and click virtually to select its groceries

The Single day : a major event taken over by e-commerce

Jack Ma Alibaba

The one-child policy has left an imbalance of the men/women ratio. In addition the need for men to be home-owner and the social pressure for women more and more selective to fin the right party has left a number of single. That is why in the 1990, a number of students created the single day the 11th of November for the 11/11.

In 2009, Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba group took that celebration over and transformed it into an e-commerce success. An anti-Valentine’s Day when all singles can offer themselves a gift.

 Alibaba launched a nationwide marketing campaign during this day relying on QR codes and multi channel advertisement.

With 6 million products sold in just a day it was definitely a success. Four years later a grand total of 4.29 billion Euros has been earned during those single days.

It makes the major player of the Western web dream, especially when they bear in mind that China, as of 2013 has 618 million users and it keeps increasing every year .

In addition media, worldwide are appalled by the huge success of Alibaba operation and keep their eyes and ears open in order to follow the event every year


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