When it is matter to market and sell Health products in China, it is always “complicated”. Not impossible, but more complicated.

ByteDance’ started to explore a livestream broadcasting service to promote drug sales & health supplemets. source

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It will be a kind of pharmacy under “Jointown Pharmaceutical Group”

Douyin e-commerce updated the health industry management specifications with traditional nutritional supplements and health food.

The OTC medicines are allowed to be sell on Douyin, big new in the health industry.

Products allowed since Februray 2023 are fever-reducing drugs, dermatological drugs, and gastrointestinal drugs, local media . The video platform also allow sales of medical equipment, including ventilators, oxygen concentrators, stethoscopes, and fetal heart rate monitoring devices.

You have to understand that before for the health category, ByteDance e-commerce has been using targeted invitations for entry, including only about 20 brands under the “Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group” plus”Renhe Pharmacy” store on Douyin. So all health food brands only need to meet “high brand standard” and “online channel 12 months” for mainly domestic main-board listed Chinese company.

This news drew public attention and was considered a hallmark for the beginning of social selling for health products in Douyin.

You need to know that to the specialized nature of pharmaceutical brands, online drug promotion and sales are under strict regulatory governance.

Livestream promotion and sales of e-commerce products is huge in China and combining livestream KOL with the pharmaceutical industry will face challenge from authorities.

Promotion of health Product by KOL is limited.

China really care of health products and you have to be real expert to advertise.

Douyin Minor Protection

Douyin unveils new content rules to safeguard minors . in 2022, a new rules was released by (Bythedance) Douyin aims to curb young Chinese users from being “corrupted” by short video. For young kids under 14 kids are restricted to only 40 minutes of daily consumption of Douyin, and the APP shut out from the app after 10 p.m for Kids version.

This law limits accounts of falsifying popularity (pretend to be more successful) and soliciting money from minors. use moralized language and limit vulgarity, gang relations, and the “subversion of traditional moral values of China”

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