Douyin is the mainstream app in China. This app is quite impressive because it was created and developed in only 200 days and won in a year 100 million users. Also known as “Tik Tok” it permits to have access to shopping websites thanks to the links put by famous e-commerce platforms. This is a new short live video and live streaming app born in April 2017. It gathers a community of influencers specialized in a short video. They create videos of 15 seconds that are spread on the platform. To make their video, there are several integrated effects that they can directly add. You have, for example, slow motion, graphic animations, virtual reality effects. While doing its video, the influencer receives some advice.

 Douyin: the new most popular Chinese App

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There are different categories that allow fulfilling the audience’s preferences and expectations. The music category can be seen as the central one because it is at the core of the app. Most influencers take a selfie and add music in the background to do playback for instance. The comedy one is about themes love by the Chinese like celibacy, separation, and obesity. In the Dance category, you can find parodies of famous dance choreography of the moment. It is unavoidable to have a pet category because Chinese people love cats and dogs. This category is full of funny actions of these animals. You can also find other categories like make-up, education, and celebrities.

Douyin as the Alternative of WeChat and Weibo?

When you want to promote your brand in China, Douyin could be a good place to do it because it is cheaper than Weibo and WeChat. There are several ways to create links with Douyin. You can create direct links with the platforms like many other brands do it such as Samsung, Audi, Pizza Hut, or Michael Kors. This last one is the first luxury fashion brand that did a partnership with Douyin. They decided to create a challenge with the objective to increase the reach of their “ The Walk Shanghai event” (#KorsShanghai#). In fact, they ask people to invent their own Michael Kors fashion walk with a custom video filter. In addition, they also call KOLs to do their own walk by wearing the brand’s apparel.

 Douyin: A big success story

The success of this app can be explained by the fact that the format has been proven by the Musical scheme.  This scheme is a good option because it allows you to be more visible thanks to an organized communication campaign related by several influencers but it is still a bit expensive. Like the hashtag system on Instagram, influencers can use “challenge” to be more visible by the users targeted. They are popular among users because they increase the popularity of your account. In this way, you can be more seen.

The second option is to create partnerships with one or several influencers directly. This strategy is less expensive than the other one, but it gives you also less visibility. Dou yin is not technically involved. The idea here is to get organic reach that stems from the influencer. This method requires a very good knowledge about the Chinese market and a good Chinese speaker to exchange with the influencer and define a strategy regarding your brand content. One positive aspect about the influencers is their ability to advertise your brand. Actually, they can put links that lead to your e-commerce website in their videos.

Who is the target on Douyin?

  • Douyin’s public is young, educated, mostly feminine with high incomes. Approximately 85% of users are less than 24 years old.
  • They come from a wealthy family and also from big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tian jin.
  • It’s important to remind that Douyin influencers are for the majority of young adult with few experiences.
  • As a consequence, sometimes, the content of the video can be a bit immature. You need to check that the influencers you are working with fits with the values of your brand.

In 2017, Douyin has been very successful in China. If you want to start a new business without a significant budget for your communication campaign, this is a good app for you. Working directly with the individual influencer remains the cheapest option. If the KOL is well selected and if he does a good job you can hope to have almost the same results as the official challenges of big companies but at a lower cost. Like many other short-video apps, because it is easy to use, Douyin is addictive. Videos are short and funny. They represent good entertainment for people. It can be a powerful tool for e-commerce. Consequently, It’s a good way to get closer to your customer and get new ones without showing too much the commercial dimension. Thanks to its expertise in the Chinese market, GMA can help you to find an accurate strategy while using Douyin to promote your business.

How to advertise on Douyin?

  • Basically, you need to identify the KOL channels and sponsored the Content. 
  • The second option is to use directly Douyin, they will advise you on the best channel with your Postionnement. 

The only problem is the cost, which is really High and Impossible to put external Link (so to measure the performance. ) 

If you want to try, contact us and we will explain to you how it works and the Cost.

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  1. Douyin,(Tik Tok) the biggest short video platform in China, do you know if it can be used by small businesses to drive sales to ecommerce Shop?

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