How to drive traffic to Tmall Shop ? 

Tmall allowed foreign brands to set up in China more easily. Giving companies the right to sell without the need for a Chinese business license and a minimum investment in infrastructure. To increase your sales on Tmall, you need to use appropriate digital strategies to attract Chinese consumers to your online store.

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Social media


To promote your brand, it is necessary to go through Chinese social networks. Social networks are part of the daily life of Chinese. Chinese spend at least 25 hours a week online and 30% of that time is spent on social networks.
The most important thing is to spread content qualities about the brand and the Tmall store. To draw attention to a maximum of Chinese consumers, you have to share your content on the two most used platforms in China Weibo and WeChat.

The brand must have an official account to gain consumer confidence and thus lead them directly to the official Tmall store.

The brand may also promote its brand through various events, promotions, product discovery offers to entice the user to visit the Tmall shop and to stand out from its competitors.
It is important for a foreign brand to settle on Tmall to show its authenticity, its official store will set buyers confidence because on Tmall you can also find retailers with counterfeit products.


Logo Baidu

To create more visibility for your Tmall store, it is necessary to be in the top Baidu sites, it is the most search engine in China. Chinese consumers have the reflex to open Baidu as soon as they need some information. In addition, you can use Tmall banners or pop-ups that are very popular on Chinese sites so that Chinese consumers see your presence on Tmall, they will probably try to click.

Develop your brand- brand research 

Strategy China

With Tmall, brands can develop the image of the brand to Chinese consumers.
If a foreign brand not yet very well known in China, it may decide to enter the Chinese market through Tmall as the site will give it greater visibility in the eyes of Chinese and can win more easily the confidence of Chinese through Tmall awareness.

Also, to build brand awareness, the brand must be present on the various Chinese discussion forums. Indeed, the Chinese really appreciate the word of mouth and like to hear from other consumers. It must therefore have positive feedbacks about your brand that consumers want to buy your product.

Finally, one of the most effective tools is the press relation to work on the image of your brand, to control your reputation. In China, PR are mostly online and are very important to broadcast information to Chinese consumers. The brand must maintain a relationship with its customers and know what they think of the products and services. Communication is the key to success to attract consumers to your Tmall store.

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