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In terms of per capita consumption, China’s baking market has a great potential. In 2017, China’s consumption of bakery products per capita was only 6.9 kg, which was far lower than the per capita consumption of Western developed countries and than the world average of 18.7 kg per person. In Japan, where people have similar eating habits, the average consumption is about 18.6 kg/person and in Hong Kong, 12,4kg/person. The per capita consumption in China could still doubles or even triples. Continue in this article to have more information about bakery market in China, or click right here to see our services.

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Western-style bakery are popular in China

For many people, breakfast is one of the most important moment in a day, same for Chinese people. Unlike cakes and desserts, bread is just what young people need for breakfast, and more and more Chinese families are accustomed to eating western-style breakfast such as bread and milk.  In fact, with the changes in social life, people became also attracted by western food to experience different tastes.

Coffee, beverage and high-end food continued to expand in the Chinese market. People are mostly seeking for a better standard of living and so they turn more and more to good quality products. As result, these industries are growing with the development of China. We can observe that many bakery opened in a short time. Products with the label “French style” attract a lot consumers who associated them with healthier product. Western bakeries are particularly notorious for their know-how and expertise in this industry in China

Consumers profile and needs

Post-80th and post-90th generations became the main consumers. They are increasingly demanding personalized food and beverage, with strong character. New types of tea, private kitchens, fancy breads or etc. are privileged.

They are also very actives on the social network. They like to discover new things and share them. As result, a lot of stores in China became hot by this way. Through putting some creativity and brand personality, it can rapidly makes the difference from domestic products. Also, the environment and the branding are important features to cut through customer’s vision in China, as the appearance plays a major function in China. Brands which are pursuing the concept of individuality and freedom could easier implant in the mind of consumers.

However, there is a high elimination rate of the tea market, which should also be considered by the bakery market. One of the main reasons is that the management of store can’t keep up with the rising speed of the brand and the market demand. This directly affect the service and the consumer’s experience. Brands should also pay attention to the operation of the store, as consumers become influent.

China International Bakery Exhibition

Bakery China is held each year at Shanghai New International Expo Center, co-sponsored by China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association and Beijing Beikerui (贝克瑞) exhibition Service Co. With a display area of 200,000 square meters and more than 12 000 booths, it was granted the title of “China International”. Soon, the exhibition will take place in Shanghai from May 9th to May 12th.

Founded in 1997, Bakery China has successfully become a professional trade and exhibition platform that serves the whole bakery industry all over the world for 21 years of development. More than 2,100 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions will participate to the exhibition this year. The tremendous vitality of the Chinese bakery market has inspired domestic companies to grow and expand their businesses. At the same time, they have also attracted outstanding brands from all countries and regions around the world. Exhibitors participle to provide an international platform for on-site learning, communication, and purchase. It continues to explore new ideas to better assist the development of this industry in China and over the world.

2018 Bakery China will continue to exert its influence, join hands with more international governments and industry’s associations, and seek for more high-quality buyers for to achieve more effective business matching.

E-commerce platforms also participate to bakery industry’s growth

At the same time, the exhibition also attracted e-commerce companies such as Alibaba and Jingdong to visit and purchase. In fact, online shopping has gradually become a trend for Chinese people to purchase home supplies but also foods. The simplicity and the convenience offered by e-commerce’s feature save consumers from a lot of trouble. For new brands, to develop online can be benefit for at least 3 reasons:

  • Instead of open directly a store in China, the investment price is much lower to launch the store online.
  • E-commerce platforms can help new brands to be visible among users, through events or sales and other strategy.
  • To start online can help brand to try the market first and then decide according to customers feedbacks

You can also consider app such as Wechat, which can help you in your brand promotion. Wechat is basically use for communication but these years, it has integrated a lot of services and functions. As it is the most used app in China, it can be very helpful for companies to keep in touch with their customers or to get new leads.

At this stage of development, China has a lot of booming industries and e-commerce takes an important place here. Nowadays, new brands should consider online market to catch more consumers. For more advices and information, do not hesitate to contact us. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is specialized in the digital marketing in the Chinese market. We provide e-commerce solutions, promotion and advertising, SEO strategies, and all marketing agencies worthy of the name should be able to do. Let your project come true !

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