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The recent “Post-00s Generation Research report” published by Tencent company has attracted the attention of many marketers and Chinese netizens. One of the interesting results brought in the report is that the demographic has triple the savings of the post-90s generation. While the previous generation had about 814 Yuan of savings, young people of the generation Z have 1840 Yuan ! In this 2018, we welcome the first of China’s 147 million citizens born after the year 2000 reaching their adulthood.

Their background and the technology environment have influenced a lot their taste and consumption habit.

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The new generation of only child

Chinese parents take their child to travel, to train their culture and experience. This generation of children are more numerous to go abroad than all the previous generations. The most visited destinations according to Tencent’s report are : America, Canada, England, Australia, Japan and Korea. Chinese parents spend a lot of time and money on their unique child.

Furthermore, it has been a tendency for Chinese students to reinforce their English level in a cram school after regular school hours. Chinese parents are still pushing their children in learning, but in a higher degree. According to the research of the post 00s generation, they have to spend 3 hours in supplementary schooling whereas post-90s had to spend about 1hour. Chinese parents want make their child more competitive.

This growing environment also led young Chinese people to know earlier what they what and to be more autonomous in their choice. The generation, born between 2000 and 2010, also carries the expectation of what China’s markets would be, and could be in the future, as they will be the major consumers.

Research of value and brand’s personality

Collagen Products in China

The adjectives they mostly choose for themselves are open-minded, confident and independent, according to a report by the China Youth Daily and the country’s Internet service giant Tencent earlier in May. In this way, they want to use products from brand they like and not just to follow a trend. The consequence for new businesses and brands is that they have to show their value, their personality. The most appreciated ones are often the specialist in their field and Chinese people appreciate this fact.


Cosmetics market is growing so fast in China, and the Laboratoires Genevrier understood this big opportunity. iALUGEN is the top hyaluronic acid skin care brand owned by Laboratoires Genevrier, a well-known biotechnology company in France. GMA provided social media operation for iALUGEN and regularly promoted original products evaluation and word of mouth promotion on media platform, in order to increase the brand exposure and attract more potential consumers to make purchase conversions.

Another example is Arabica coffee is a brand from Japan which is meeting a tremendous popularity in China. Its quality and reputation in latte art attract a lot of consumers in its shop. Even if consumers have to wait 2-3 hours to get their beverage (because of the numerous clients), the activity is still running well for the brand. Arabica coffee has opened few days ago into the Rockbund area in Shanghai. This is already its second shop in 4 month at Shanghai.

This generation wants something new from China, and in pursuing it they are changing China, too, the report said, adding that “a quiet revolution is under way”.

How to raise your brand awareness in China ?

In the survey, 48 percent said they will solve problems themselves, and 25.6 percent revealed they will turn to the internet. Even if there are a lot of rumors on internet, Chinese consumers still have more faith on it than on Brand themselves.

On internet, there are a lot of social media platforms where people can share content and interact between them. Chinese consumers rely a lot on reviews, discussions and forums to build their impression on a brand.

Nowadays, Brands can’t avoid the necessity to be present online because their target consumer are spending more time online than going in a physical store and asking information. Sure, physical presence is needed to create a real relationship with the consumer, but you have first to develop your brand awareness online.

First step : you need to build your official Chinese website

This will increase your credibility in front of Chinese consumers. Put useful contents and quality images to make a good first impression and to engage your customers. They have no problem to share information or brand they are interested in among their friends and family. In this way, they are also indirectly helping to promote your business.

Be careful, your website should be in Chinese, otherwise you may lose potential leads. Chinese consumers are accustomed and prefer to work with their own language. Furthermore, this also show your brand’s consideration for the Chinese consumers and the Chinese market. On the SEO side (search engine optimization), your website will be more visible and better referenced on Baidu (the first search engine in China) if the content is in Chinese.

Second Step : work side by side with Wechat

We talk about the sharing habit of Chinese consumers. To go further, they are sharing a lot on WeChat. WeChat is the most used communication app among Chinese people since 2013 (approximately). This app is also expected to become the world’s most used app over the coming years.

It has developed a lot of functions for branding or marketing use. Many foreign or local companies use WeChat to promote their business, to manage their customer relation or their teamwork. It is possible to create your brand’s own WeChat mini-programs to allow your consumer to purchase, to participate in events or to follow your account.

The few lines here are not sufficient to explain the power of WeChat, I invite you to read this article about WeChat. You can also leave a comment below or contact us directly if you need some WeChat services.

Third step : Contact us

In fact, there are a lot of opportunities to develop a business in China. Thanks to the digitalization of the society and the new marketing tools. China has a lot of booming industries and represent a huge market, this is the most point that is attracting a lot investors and entrepreneurs here. However in China, you really need to be faster than other to get the market share as the pace of business is very fast and the environment is constantly evolving.

GMA is specialized on the digital marketing in China. We have developed many successful projects because we know how to effectively promote your business in China, according to the market, according to Chinese consumers. Our team is familiar with the latest digital tools and market trend, which allow us to provide you a complete range of service from business consulting to marketing operations.

Feel free to contact us

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