China has a huge market of gadgets. Whether you are a geek or just looking for cool gifts, you will find a broad array of electronic gadgets and cool gizmo gadgets here. For China, the growing gadgets demands will drive global marketers to seek opportunities in China.

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Gadgets and Small Technology Products Are Booming

The gadgets in our main Electronic Gadgets category include solar appliances like solar phone and laptop chargers. You will also find LED watches with cool light effects or amusing cryptic ways of displaying the time. There are laser gadgets such as handheld laser pointers and rangefinders. And also loads of other small and interesting cheap electronics and cool inventions.

There are also several popular gadgets and popular technology products in China, like virtual cinema video glasses, solar chargers, digital Dictaphones, 3D printers both big and small, camera drone that fit in the palm of your hand, musical gadgets and much more.

Chinese people love gizmo gadgets and Chinese parents tend to buy them for their children, especially for education. One such example is the flying toys which are one of the hottest gadgets in 2017. These come in all sizes from a palm size mini drone that fit in your hand to bigger quad-copters carrying 4K cameras, such as the DJI Phantom. These are able to capture stunning aerial photography. Many of these can synced to your smartphone or iPad and offer immense FVP photography. These gadgets are popular due to its favorable price and providing hours of entertainment and making an ideal gift for boys.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Market Is the Most Amazing Gadget Market in the World

There is a massive collection of vendors in Huaqiangbei market who are selling everything from imitation iPhones to circuit boards and soldering irons. In this market you will find out the process how the next gadgets get made.

The nature of the marketplace was changing. It was still a place where merchants, inventors, and entrepreneurs came to shop for components when they wanted to build something new. But increasingly the market was also the source of its own creations, spinning up new takes on hover boards, drones, and selfie sticks with unique modifications that might just prove to be the next big seller around the globe.

China’s Gadget Market Faces Copyright Crisis

In some cases, factories will make products that physically resemble ones made by prominent brands. Quality may vary—an Android phone with rounded edges and a stamped-on Apple logo will never come close to replicating the feel of an iPhone. But a counterfeit Gucci bag might easily pass for the real thing.

However more and more companies are willing to resort to legal solutions to against these copycats.

3 Amazing Chinese Gadgets

China is regarded as lack of innovation, but for recent years, some Chinese companies and inventors are devoted themselves into new gadget technology.

Qihoo 360 Kids Guard 2

According to the Chinese company Qihoo, more than 500,000 Chinese families already use the Kids Guard, a watch that allows parents to track their kids on their mobile phones.

Version two of the watch, a cute colourful silicon band designed not to irritate young skin, sold out instantly. As well as the GPS tracker, it also boasts an alert for when a child moves out of a pre-set range, and the ability to listen in for ten seconds to a microphone on the watch to hear where your child might have got to.

Chinese Unique Beautifying Function

Chinese mobile phone maker Meitu (Beautiful Image) is selling a £220 to £299 Android smartphone for vain selfies. Armed with a twin flash and a 13 megapixel camera, the phone automatically processes pictures to remove freckles, soften lighting, improve skin colour and add shine to the eyes.

The Briefcase Unicycle

Stabilized with a gyroscope, commuters can carry their unicycle on the train or metro, then simply fold down the footrests on either side, step on and whizz the rest of the way to work. The top speed is around 12mph and cheap models cost around £180. 

How to Sell Your Gadgets in China

Establish Your Own Chinese Website

It is a good way to establish your own website for your gadget business, but if you want your business to be successful in China, a Chinese website needs to establish.

Your website has to be strong and structured. Chinese consumers are no longer trustful due to all the counterfeits, copies and tricks. They will be really reassured if you have an Official Website, trustful and professional.

To start, your website need to be hosted in China mainland with a “.cn” name which show that the Chinese government authorizes your website. Foreign websites are not adapted to Chinese norms, often censored and very slow to open. However, Baidu doesn’t consider foreign website because they don’t use mandarin key words.

It’s mandatory to provide a website in mandarin to touch your target. If it’s only in English, they will not feel concerned. Furthermore, don’t forget that Chinese normed are different. If western countries like clean aesthetic, Chinese consumers preferred a page with lot of information in small characters and many images and animations.

Selling on E-commerce Platforms 

With over than 900 million internet Chinese users online for shopping, you definately should use this huge consumer basis for your business in China. Foreign brands are already loved by consumers, so it’s your competitive advantage.

Start a store in cross-border e-commerce platforms. Tmall, Taobao and JD are the giants of the e-commerce. They are the bigger platforms and also the bests in terms of quality and safety. Two important points in China.

Because these e-commerce platforms are very popular in China, it’s not easy to sell on that platform. Most of them only accept brands who have already a significant presence and realized high sales in China. That’s why most of the spirits brands failed to sell on the giants’ platforms, Tmall, Taobao or JD.

If you are a mature marketer with an amount of capital, you can try to sell on Tmall and JD because the 2 platforms want to keep a high ranking and only offer to their consumers’ famous brands and quality products. That’s why they are so selective.

If you have not enough funds yet, Wechat store also provides good e-shops. It’s a bit more accessible for beginners of the natural cleaning products market.

Use Social Media to Boost Your Sale

In China, if you want to leverage your e-reputation of your gadgets, the most popular way is to use social media, such as WeChat and Weibo.

WeChat, developed by Tencent has more than 800 million active users every day. The social media platform is more than only a social media app. Tencent developed a lot of other services to adapt their contents to users’ needs. It’s also very convenient for brands to communicate with their target.

The platform is known for its communication services in which users can send messages, share images and videos, voice call and video call other users on a closed network. Having an account on WeChat enables you to promote your brand via mobile or tablet.

Weibo is the second-most mass-used social networking site in China, with around 82% penetration rate across the country and more than 50 million active users per day in 2016. Weibo is very popular because it’s the first place where Chinese users can express themselves without suffer of government’s censorship. For the first time, Chinese people can speak about every subject and they love it.

The social micro blogging network has also attracted more than 130,000 companies. It’s very important for spirits brands to create their own Weibo Official Account, and get their account verified. If your account is signed as verified, you will have more followers because it’s a legitimacy proof for Chinese users who know that the Weibo process to have a verified account is complicated and long but ensure the legitimacy of a brand. More than 56% of Weibo users follow at least one brand on Weibo. In addition, on Weibo, you don’t need to be connected first to follow a brand.

Influencers Can Promote Your Brand Image

To gain in visibility and e-reputation, it is crucial to encourage a positive word-of-mouth. KOL can help you.

The Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are social media users who succeeded to make a lot of traffic on their accounts and became famous. Chinese consumers idolize KOLs, trust them more than brands. Some KOLs have some millions of fans. They are really good to influence mass population.

You can influence spirits lovers using KOLs as intermediaries. Through them you are able to reach your target group. In other words, intermediaries can be a great asset in selling your imported spirits to Chinese consumers.

However, KOLs are not an easy tool to control, it’s definitely one of the most useful ones out there but they are humans with their own thinking power. They can improve the reputation of a brand but also destroy it.

Chinese consumers are influenced when their idol recommends or favors your spirits brand. By doing this your target audience will convince very fast and will eventually buy your products.

By engaging with KOL, your website and your brand will become more appealing through the buzz effect from their followers. The aim is to create a positive influence about the brand.

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