Almost everyone in China is using WeChat, the most popular social media app. What many people don’t know is that you can create your own mini-programs on WeChat to help promote your business or simply entertain users. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to develop WeChat mini-programs. Let’s get started!

So, What Are Wechat Mini-Programs or Games?

WeChat mini-programs are mini-applications built into the WeChat ecosystem. They’re similar to web-based applications or websites that run on your computer, but they’re much lighter and faster because they’re designed specifically for mobile devices. Launched in 2017, they’re set up to be accessed from Wechat and don’t require users to download a separate app.

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These can be used to do a range of things, such as ordering food, booking restaurants, getting a taxi, paying bills, playing games, searching for information, and more. Users can enjoy all of these features without leaving WeChat. Since being implemented, WeChat mini-programs have become increasingly popular, with over a million programs currently available.

The Chinese social media platform mini-app is extremely popular and continues to register significant growth more than 4 years after its launch. in 2021, they recorded 450 million daily active users, or a 12% increase compared to the previous years

How Can Companies Develop Wechat Mini-Programs and Games?

When creating a WeChat mini-program, companies must first understand how this new technology can be used to their advantage. Mini-programs can be a new way for companies to interact with their customers and also improve user acquisition. By using the WeChat platform, companies can provide better customer service, engage with their customers, and promote quality products while working on their company identity. Creating a WeChat mini-program can be done by following these steps:

  • Mini Program-associated WeChat account: you need a WeChat official account to launch your mini-program. Overseas companies will need help from local agencies to “circumvent” official government policies by either getting a business license for china or letting the agency create their WeChat business account on their behalf.
  • Generating a WeChat developer account/ WeChat Mini-Program Account To begin, businesses must first create a WeChat developer account. To do so, you must be a Chinese company or a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, which means your company has been authorized to conduct business in mainland China. If you do not have a WeChat developer account, the registration process to create one is as follows:
    1. Proceed to the official Wechat registration page, and then choose “mini-program”.
    2. Fill in the necessary data, such as your email address and other personal information.
    3. Choose your “applicant type” — in this case, it’s most likely “Enterprise”.
    4. Provide your business evidence and information, including your bank account information.
    5. Attach your bank account to Tencent (WeChat’s parent company) and pay the full amount requested to analyze and verify your request.
  • Beginning the creation of your mini-program. The WeChat Mini-Program Development is a service through which you can create programs for your brand’s mini-program. The interface is very user-friendly, and the system’s simple tools and pre-existing templates will help you quickly build a complete mini-program. These are some things to look into when generating a WeChat mini-program:
    1. Analysis: Examine your rival companies’ strategies and determine what works and what doesn’t. You should also look into what works well on your brand’s own app, if it has one, and strive to translate that into your mini-program.
    2. Download the Development Tool – With developer tools you can start designing your mini-program and its features.
    3. Simplicity: Mini-programs are designed to be simple and concise, so make your app run as smoothly as possible. Remove any inefficiencies or design elements that do not directly serve a purpose.
    4. Goal-oriented: Whether it’s to increase sales, improve customer service, or promote brand awareness, make sure every element in your program supports your goal and is helping you move closer to it.
  • Verification Step, Offer up your mini-program for review. When you’re satisfied with your mini-program, you must offer it up for authorization through the WeChat development interface for WeChat verification. The authorization will be based on the features and functions and allows users to monitor your program.
  • Release and promote your WeChat mini program or game. After permission is granted, your mini-program can go live. Releasing your mini-program is simple to do using the WeChat software tool. Your attention should now shift to marketing your mini-program to WeChat users. The app provides a variety of excellent advertising opportunities, such as banner ads, WeChat moments, and content marketing, which will all increase the visibility of your mini-programs on the platform.

How Do Wechat Mini-Programs Work?

WeChat mini-programs are mini-applications built into the messaging app. These programs can be used for a variety of purposes. While they’re technically not their own apps, they function similarly to apps you would download from an app store. These can be acquired through:

Simple Drop-Down Menu

The WeChat menu can be found by opening the app and selecting the plus sign in the top right corner of your main chat screen. From here, scroll down and select “Mini-programs”.

QR Code Scans

If you see a QR code for a WeChat mini-program, you can scan it with your phone’s camera to be directed to the program. This is a common marketing tactic for businesses that want to increase the visibility of their mini-programs.

Message-Based Group Sharing

If you’re in a group chat on WeChat, any member of that group can share a mini-program with the entire group. They must first select the “Share” icon within the app. From here, they can scroll down and select the “Mini-program” option.

Links Posted on Official Profiles

WeChat users who have verified business accounts can post links to their mini-programs on their profile pages. When another user clicks on that link, they will be directed to the mini-program.

Content Links to Other Articles

When reading articles on the Wechat platform, you may come across links that promote mini-programs. These are typically found at the bottom of an article and will often be labeled as “recommended content”.

Why Companies in China should Create a Wechat Mini-Program?

For a variety of reasons, many brands are looking to create a presence on WeChat. The most common reason is to reach out to the Chinese market, which has over 1.2 Billion active users. Wechat programs offer companies a wide array of tools, such as a payment platform, a social platform, a subscription management app, and so on.

example of a mini-program/store on Wechat

By creating a WeChat mini-program, businesses can provide their customers with a more convenient way to access their services and a more polished user experience. Not only are they able to tap into the large user base that WeChat has, but they’re also able to provide a more convenient and interactive experience for users. Mini-programs are a great venture for brands because:

  • The chance of going viral is very high: WeChat is a closed social network, meaning that users can only see content that has been shared with them by their friends or official accounts they have subscribed. However, once a user discovers and shares your mini-program with their friends, it has the potential to quickly spread throughout WeChat’s vast user base due to the high trust users have in the content shared by their friends.
  • Strengthens customer relationships: By providing customers with a more convenient way to access your services, you can create a stronger relationship with them. WeChat is not only a messaging app, but also a platform for daily life tasks, such as ordering food, paying bills, and booking tickets. Customers are already using the app for their daily tasks, so by creating a mini-program, businesses can make it easier for customers to access their services.
  • Simple support and less upgrade portal: WeChat provides businesses with simple support and an easy-to-use development portal that makes it quick and easy to develop a mini-program. Businesses can also take advantage of WeChat’s large user base and built-in payment system to quickly start generating revenue without having to invest in their own infrastructure.
  • Consistency and ease of maintenance: Wechat mini-programs are consistent with the look and feel of the WeChat app, which makes them easy for users to navigate and use. They also do not require businesses to maintain separate versions for different devices or operating systems, which reduces the amount of time and effort required to keep them up-to-date.
  • Integration with other Wechat features: You can take advantage of other features of the WeChat ecosystem, such as push notifications, sharing, and payments. This allows businesses to create a more comprehensive and integrated experience for their customers. Unlike other app development platforms, WeChat mini-programs do not require businesses to develop their own separate infrastructure.

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