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Wu Shangye, Deputy Executive General Manager of Guangzhou Qingyechang Trading Co had worked in the local semiconductor industry. The pressure of work had caused his health troubles. Through taking Taiwan Hirami lemon products for a while, he found improvements in his body’s immune system. He realized the coming demand for health care in China, as there are many people like him in China or more generally in all developing countries. He soon started his new activity in the health food industry, bringing Taiwan’s health food products to the mainland China market.

He created with his elder brother their own brand called Fruits in Love. Nowadays the brand has expanded a lot, covering a wide range of health products and it includes the Taiwan Hirami lemon products, part of its best-sellers. The natural properties of the fruit help it to stand out from other competitors. Because of the intense competition in the health foods market on the mainland, successful products must have special features that set them apart from their competitors, making them look exclusive and superior.

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Wu explained: The Taiwan Hirami lemon, or citrus depressed to give it its scientific name, is native to Taiwan. Its vitamin C content is 30 times greater than an ordinary lemon. And it has a special aroma that drives away mosquitoes and other insects, so it can be grown without pesticides. » Also, the general benefits of lemon are well known among the public. This kind of information is also widely spread across the Chinese network so the company doesn’t have to conduct an important market education.

Chinese people pay also attention to the word of mouth and product reputation. The fact that Fruits in Love has become the pioneer brand for Taiwan Hirami lemon products in the Chinese mainland market, with 10 years of sole dealership rights, certainly allows it to claim a position of exclusivity. While the mainland market offers a rich variety of jelly products, Fruits in Love stands out among them as superior because of the raw materials it uses. Nowadays, Fruit in Love is well-known as a healthy and quality brand, which ensures its position and development in China.

How to enter in the Chinese food industry?

Your first steps consist of studying the market and choosing what sales channels fit your goals and budget the best. Here is a breakdown of the different options you’ll have to sell your healthy food in China.

Define your distributors

Do you want to open your own store in China? Actually, it is a good idea if your brand has already built its reputation in China because it will allow you to strengthen your presence in China and give consumers a real experience. However, competition is important in China, and there are not a lot of physical shops surviving in this Chinese digital environment. Only the one like Fruit in China, which has several years of presence on the market (老字号 or 老牌子 as we call them in Chinese, meaning old and famous shop or brand) or celebrities’ shop (网红店 wanghongdian) which became hot over internet sharing survive nowadays.

You can also search for a partner or supermarket to implement your product, bringing it visible to the public.

Chinese Online retail Channels

Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase online because of the convenience and the greater range of available items on e-commerce platforms. They are also accustomed to e-commerce channels such as and Tmall. As shoppers are more present online now, setting up your online retail store may even be more efficient.

See our article on how to open your Tmall store here.

Promote your brand in China

When you have already found your way to sell in China, it is important to complete it with advertising and promotion, always due to the high competition here. Also, you have to increase your brand awareness because even Chinese consumers have a huge appetite for foreign products, they need to be informed or to have a minimum trust in your product before purchasing.

You have different platforms to promote in China. WeChat is a communication app (the most used by Chinese people) that allows a lot of companies to do their brand building. You can create a Wechat official account to introduce your products or manage customer relations by WeChat mini-programs. It is even possible to create a WeChat Store, integrating e-commerce activities. Actually, WeChat offers a lot of features for the brand to reach its target consumer and to build its reputation.

Contact our experts to find a Wechat solution for your business development. We have developed many successful e-commerce projects because we know how to effectively promote your e-commerce business in China by using the latest digital tools.

To summer, to break through the Chinese market, it is important to go digital, as well for promotion as distribution At this stage of development, China has a lot of booming industries and the health sector is one of them. This is a promising and huge market with its own culture and way to function.

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