China’s appetite for healthy and natural food is becoming an insatiable hunger. It seems in fact that the Chinese want more and more healthy food products. A market that is developing fast so much so that we are talking about peaks of 70 billion for 2020.

Influenced by the United States, China is always looking for detox and natural products. A trend that is becoming more and more popular in metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Beijing, even if we can not speak of absolute novelty. In fact according to the BCG survey, as early as 2014, the Chinese continent was one of the most conscientious countries in terms of a healthy lifestyle.

But in a few years the percentage of consumers of “green juices” has increased dramatically. For example, 9 out of 10 Chinese people drink a plant-based drink, organic juices, and grain juices every single day. The research from Mintel reports that 30%  people more than the previous year, drink coconut water for its innumerable properties.

From this trend and from the younger Chinese, a market is emerging that is always on the rise. This market of living and healthy eating is for the new generations as the idea of healthy first was different. In fact, Tian Tian Maymin, founder of V Cleans, one of the first clean companies, says

“In China, it’s a recent trend that’s been influenced by American culture, but also one that’s deeply connected with the way many post-Cultural Revolution babies grew up. Having experienced famine, my grandmother used to feed me sugar and spam when I was a kid, as that was ‘healthy’ food for her. Many people my age experienced the same. Now, as perceptions of health have changed over the years, they’re beginning to reassess their food habits. And purposeful eating is what they are after.”

The Chinese supporters of this type of lifestyle ask for quality, from the packaging, and to the ingredients, they want a product that is good in all the possible aspects.

Obviously, we are not talking only about juices, but also about restaurant chains that offer healthy food. Both categories have managed to conquer the Chinese market through quality and marketing innovation.


Totox with its all-natural hot drinks and Detox packages has won over its audience through social media. The use of platforms such as WeChat and Weibo has made the brand very popular with millennials, which spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media.


The Totox company has understood well how to aim for Chinese millennials. In fact, sales are doubled among young women after Angelababy, a famous Chinese celebrity has advertised a detox drink. This is because in China there is so much trust in the Kols. “they say it’s healthy, then I buy it”


China is the largest e-commerce in the world, consumer faith in e-commerce stores is remarkably robust. They buy everything online. From this Factory Fresh made its fortune with its online store that gives the possibility to its customers to choose healthy food, from breakfast to dinner, from their device which will then be delivered directly to the home.

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