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Heart supplements ranked second among all sub health categories.

Why heart Health supplement are so popular in China in 2023?

Most of people are scared of covid effect, or effect of tobacco, pollution.

Sales of cardiovascular products increased significantly during shopping festival. As these products are consumed on a daily basis by older people. It is rebuying products.

Chinese People are really into preventive medecine due to Chinese traditional medicine. The heart supplements industry has grown in popularity in China because of this cultural factor. China’s growing middle class population work hard with stressful life and their food is also “oily”.

All the Chinese population are really taking care of their heath in 2023, taking health supplements every day to compensate bad lifestyle, it has become an integral part of Chinese White collar Life.

Western & Australian brands already selling in China include Swiss, Blackmores and Nature’s Bounty.

Historically Chinese companies has promoted heart products through traditional medicine in Chinese center or Wellbeing club. But more recently, Fitness culture and Yoga class are so popular among Young and old generation.

The COVID-19 effect, has made people aware of health conscious. A better nutrition or boosting one’s immune system are now commun.

Most of people are taking daily vitamins daily to boost their body against Virus.

They are more willing to purchase heart supplements during promotion periods, but consume it every years. The main products are fish oil and coenzyme Q10.

Scientist in China Reported that fish oil supplementation was linked to 13% lower risk of all-cause mortality, 16% lower risk of CVD mortality, and 7% lower risk of CVD events in the general population.

The modern Chinese consumer is now more health conscious than before, and is becoming more educated on the benefits of daily vitamin supplementation.

The association explained that stronger for CVD mortality than for the incidence of CVD, implying that fish oils could have a stronger effect in people with existing CVD conditions.

The consumption of omega 3 fatty acids has beneficial effects on blood pressure, plasma triglycerides has reported many state own media in China.

It get protective effect against the development of CVD,. All Brand of health supplement in China mention that omega 3 fatty acids can improve flow mediated arterial dilatation, plus Omega 3 have been studied for get antiarrhythmic properties.

Associated heart Supplement products on Tmall Global

  • Omega 3
  • Grape seed extract
  • Fish oil
  • Ginseng
  • Echinacea
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Propolis

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