Although luxury pens are becoming a thing of the past in most developed markets, sales of the luxury pen are continuously increasing in China because of the country’s traditional culture of offering gifts and a particular new interest in local crafts. So, today we are going to talk about the luxury pen market in China. Nowadays, China is considered to be the world’s biggest market regarding luxury pens. It is proved that the sales of luxury pens in China are higher than in the whole of Western Europe combined. Furthermore, China is providing high-end stationery manufacturers with lucrative opportunities to expand the luxury pen business.

The potential of luxury products in China

In 2020, China’s luxury market has proved to be “unstoppable” even as the coronavirus pandemic hammered global demand for expensive products. China rapidly suppressed early coronavirus outbreaks, allowing its economy to return to growth. By April 2020, consumers in the country were starting to snap up expensive products like luxury pens, giving retailers some hope as sales in other markets faltered.

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In the future, China’s growth is expected to continue. Most brands believe the market will be bigger than ever by roughly 30% as international borders start to reopen, according to the report. Over the next five years, the share of domestic spending will likely also “subside” as things gradually return to normal, it said.

Why sales of luxury pens are increasing in China ?

Luxury pens symbolize high-quality gifts in Western countries. In fact, it is common to give luxury pens for graduation or even for a job promotion. What about China? Luxury pens are considered to be affordable lifestyle/luxury accessories that fit well with China’s gift-giving business culture.

In the past years, more and more Chinese consumers are pursuing high quality life. In fact, more and more of them are willing to splurge on high quality stationery. China’s austerity campaign begun in 2012 thanks to President Xi Jinping. He had a significant impact on the gift-giving culture. That’s why Chinese consumers prefer to buy high-quality pens.

The Parker Pen Company: one of the most important writing instruments producers in China

The Parker Pen Company first entered the Chinese marker in the 1980s. This Brand owns 400 franchises across China. It can be found in all the most famous in China such as Shanghai and Beijing.

Why is this brand so famous in China ? The Parker Pen Company has launched many special edition pens in China such as the “Golden Dragon” pen costing 39,888 yuan. With this move the company promoted the Chinese culture. In fact, China is the top-selling marker for Parker Pen Company.

How can brands promote luxury pens in China ?

Many brands, such as The Parker Pen Company and Mont Blanc are opting to make their luxury pen more royal by using diamond and gold to obtain the maximum market share. One of the most crucial technique used by the manufactures is strategically investing in product development by modifying the luxury pen nib with platinum and really expensive metals.

Montblanc Essential Moment High Artistry Collection

As result, the luxury pen market in China keeps growing at a good rate. Many consumers in China have shown that owning a luxury pen means be part of a high-class society.

At the same time, the attractiveness of luxury pens plays a crucial role for boosting its market.

WeChat and luxury pen brands

The pervasiveness of the web has made luxury pens available for a huge class of consumers. Obviously, most of the shopping decisions are influenced online but e-commerce purchases are yet to catch up.

So, how luxury pen brands are keeping in touch with consumers? As we said before, Chinese consumers play a crucial role in the luxury pen market. They contribute constantly to global purchases of luxury pens.

Without a doubt, WeChat is extremely important for luxury pen makers. Most of them operate an official account on Wechat. For example, Mont Blanc uses Wechat to share his rich legacy with Chinese consumers through an interactive campaign that took users through the story of the first luxury pen.

Wechat is an excellent tool to keep in touch with you consumers and create a deeper conexion. If wechat is not great to gain visibility, it is pretty good at nurturing them.

What else do you need to promote your luxury pen brand in China?

E-commerce and live streaming are the current most famous trend to engage Chinese consumers. However, there are many digital platforms that companies are using to nurture their audience or achieve brand awareness.

To enter the Chinese market, those who want to promote premium pen should consider :

  • Chinese Social media like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin: Chinese social media are perfect to engage with your target audience and build trust.
  • Chinese Search engines like Baidu, Sugou, and Qihoo360 are necessary for China, just as much as google in the West. Actually, Baidu just released some data showing that millennials are becoming the biggest consumer segment but they also spend a lot more time than the previous generation looking for information.
  • Chinese forums like Zhihu to control your Online Reputation (ORM) & create UGC (users generated content). Keep in mind that there is a strong community feeling in China and one tends to trust its pair more than official communication from brands.

There are many examples of practices and tips for getting started with localization strategy in China:

Many Chinese consumers are keen on researching lots of brands, also validating the credibility of these brands. This results in purchasing a higher-priced product. It’s a crucial concept to underline because China is extremely comfortable purchasing high quality products across digital devices.

Many Chinese people are used to buy products online. This is very common through famous platforms such as Taobao, T-Mall,

  • Tmall
  • Taobao

Taobao is a platform for various types of products at competitive prices. You can find everyday many types of luxury products such as jewels, luxury pens.

Taobao and TMall are the most successful e-commerce platforms in China for several reasons. In addition to the perfect integration of the payment system and chat as an immediate customer care service, the Alibaba branded platforms enjoy an excellent reputation and are considered reliable thanks to the prominence given by reviews.

Develop your luxury pen business in China

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