Chinese Rich parents love to send their kids study oversea in 2024, best advices from marketers on the ground.

10 key considerations for Chinese parents when it comes to overseas education:

  1. Selection of Country and University:
    • Research and consider the reputation of universities in different countries.
    • Look into the specific programs offered by universities that align with the student’s career goals.
  2. Language Proficiency:
    • Ensure that the student has the necessary language proficiency for the chosen country and university.
    • Some countries may require English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  3. Financial Planning:
    • Plan and budget for tuition fees, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.
    • Explore scholarship opportunities to ease the financial burden.
  4. Cultural Adjustment:
    • Prepare the student for cultural differences and potential challenges they may face.
    • Encourage them to engage in cultural exchange activities to enhance adaptation.
  5. Visa Requirements:
    • Understand the visa requirements for the chosen country.
    • Ensure all necessary documentation is prepared and submitted on time.
  6. Healthcare and Insurance:
    • Explore healthcare options in the host country and consider purchasing international health insurance.
    • Understand the healthcare system and know where to seek medical assistance if needed.
  7. Safety Considerations:
    • Familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations in the host country.
    • Ensure the safety of the student by researching crime rates and emergency services.
  8. Networking (Guanxi):
    • Connect with local Chinese communities or alumni groups in the host country for support.
    • Encourage the student to build a social network for emotional and academic support.
  9. Career Opportunities:
    • Research job markets and potential career opportunities for international students in the chosen field.
    • Consider internship programs or part-time work opportunities during the study period.
  10. Communication :
    • Establish regular communication channels with the student.
    • Encourage them to share their experiences and seek help if needed.

These considerations can help Chinese parents make informed decisions and support their children throughout their overseas education journey.

Market a Business school to the right Chinese audience in 2024

Accademia Del Lusso were established to open their initial department in China and sought to improve their reputation both of those for a new manner school during the place and being an abroad solution for international students.

Their passion is to find and nurture best expertise in Fashion and Design through exporting their demanding educational design and style and substantial criteria to their new China department. Their aim was to apply the fashion acutely aware concentrate in their Milan base to this new place while in the orient.

They required an area spouse in China who comprehended the student direct technology current market and partnered with Gentlemen because of our decades of encounter and thriving projects in attracting Chinese learners.

Marketing a business school in China involves understanding the unique characteristics of the Chinese market and effectively utilizing various online platforms. Here are 10 tips for marketing a business school in China:

  1. Chinese Website Optimization:

    • Create a user-friendly and visually appealing Chinese website.
    • Optimize the website for Baidu, the most popular search engine in China, by incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags.
  2. Leverage Douyin (TikTok):

    • Utilize short-form video content on Douyin to engage with a younger audience.
    • Showcase campus life, faculty interviews, and success stories through creative and engaging videos.
  3. Baidu SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

    • Invest in Baidu SEO to improve the school’s visibility in search results.
    • Understand Baidu’s algorithms and adapt content accordingly.
  4. WeChat Video Content:

    • Create and share informative and engaging video content on WeChat.
    • Leverage WeChat’s video capabilities to conduct virtual campus tours, faculty interviews, and student testimonials.
  5. Build and Manage Reputation:

    • Establish a strong online reputation through positive reviews and testimonials.
    • Respond promptly to inquiries and address any concerns to build trust with potential students and their parents.
  6. Public Relations (PR):

    • Develop a PR strategy to promote the business school in Chinese media outlets.
    • Highlight achievements, partnerships, and success stories to enhance the school’s image.
  7. Testimonials and Success Stories:

    • Showcase testimonials and success stories from current and former students on the website and social media.
    • Highlight career advancements and achievements of alumni to demonstrate the school’s impact.
  8. Engage on Social Media:

    • Actively participate on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, where you can share updates, articles, and engage with the audience.
    • Utilize targeted advertising to reach a specific demographic.
  9. Interactive Webinars and Virtual Events:

    • Conduct webinars and virtual events targeting potential students and their parents.
    • Provide insights into the school’s programs, admission process, and faculty expertise.
  10. Collaborate with Influencers:

    • Identify and collaborate with influencers in the education sector or those with a strong following among the target audience.
    • Influencers can create content that promotes the business school and reaches a wider audience.

By implementing these strategies, a business school can effectively market itself in China, reaching a “quality” audience and building a positive reputation in the competitive education sector.

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China Online Education Market: How to Effectively Promote Online Courses?

The Chinese training market place is growing

The Chinese education industry evolves more than time, in line with the country’s GDP. The need for personal education and learning has become far more diversified in China, and investment decision now arises from both neighborhood and international players.

The Chinese instruction market place is increasingly sending pupils overseas for research in highly regarded institutions around the world having a greater demand from customers for an ‘international education’ from learners, parents and Chinese institutions.

It’s also value noting that a lot of academic expertise is currently being fostered given that the increased instruction procedure in China matures and develops, placements and back links with other global educational institutions are a growing craze.

An international education is very prized

There are actually now around 350 million ‘middle class’ citizens, with this arrives transforming criteria and anticipations pertaining to training. A quality education and learning overseas is highly thought of with ‘international’ staying a byword for quality in the education sector.

Accademia Del Lusso sought to tap into these favorable connotations and develop their attain from the United Kingdom.

The necessity of Developing A Existence Online
There are actually now 900 million Chinese internet users, in China everything is digital with pupils and parents exploring extensively on line.

As learners and oldsters closely rely on suggestions, it had been vital for ADL to become obvious on the net, over the ideal focused platforms, in an effort to make improvements to their reputation from the aggressive Chinese market place. Believe in and track record is anything in regard to instruction possibilities.

The condition: The establishment was not known in China

ADL’s major problem was that, despite their international acclaim, they ended up still fairly unfamiliar in China. One cause for this is certainly which the entire Chinese electronic eco-system is slash off and separated because of the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’.

This has basically made the most important ‘closed network’ within the planet with Chinese platforms dominating. If educational facilities and institutes usually are not energetic on these Chinese platforms and manufacturing information in Mandarin Chinese it will not be picked up by search engines like google and yahoo.

The western digital gamers we have been accustomed to couldn’t increase into China due to censorship and point out regulation, somewhat ADL would wish to actively develop their popularity and visibility on important Chinese research platforms these types of as Baidu (China’s Google)

Discovering The ideal Alternatives

The methods for ADL ended up centered on creating the insitution’s e-reputation through Internet search engine Advertising and marketing & Optimization. We developed the strategy and kept the school closely involved with our activities and progress. The most important motor in China is the almighty ‘Baidu’ (think China’s Google).

Baidu is the most powerful platform in China. It truly is the biggest online search engine with 70% of all on the internet research carried out here. It was therefore vital to develop the school’s visibility.

We created a top quality Chinese website, optimized for Baidu and Mandarin Character keyword searches. The strategy for SEO revolves around attracting backlinks, references and optimizing the site with Chinese meta tags, descriptions and titles.

SEO is a long term solution with the highest quality of student ‘lead’ being attracted by Baidu. SEO is about promoting the faculties website in the natural research results, where you can drive the highest qualified traffic.

Search engine Marketing complement SEO

SEM (search engine marketing and advertising) was a powerful tool to boost the academy’s existence on Baidu. Paid ad backlinks and banners reinforces visibility and is necessary when you initially enter the industry to drive traffic to your institution’s website. A clever strategy on Baidu unlocks the Chinese market place for new entrants..

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