Nowadays in China, WeChat has become the leading role in Chinese social media. No matter personal or professional affairs, Chinese people use WeChat and it is an indispensable communication tool in China. It plays an important role in Chinese modern lives. Indeed, it is an instant message app in the beginning, but now it has developed into a multifunction App or “App for everything” in China. People can transfer money, pay for beers, video-talk, play video games, and shopping on WeChat.Besides, since WeChat has a giant user base, it is now also a powerful and absolutely necessary marketing channel for Chinese digital marketing strategies.

WeChat Mini-Program: the key feature of WeChat

WeChat Mini Program is an application launched by Chinese giant tech behemoth Tencent in 2017 that can be used on the WeChat platform without downloading and installing. It is mainly provided to enterprises, governments, media, other organizations, or individuals. As of March 2018, the number of users of WeChat Mini-Programs exceeded 400 million, of which 28% are on mini-games. Many businesses have joined WeChat Mini-Program marketing. The competition gets fiercer and fiercer, how to do WeChat Mini-Program marketing and how to optimize the results?

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Why is it important to create a Wechat Mini-Program in China?

The tremendous transaction volume generated by the WeChat Mini-Program

According to Statista, as of June 2020, there were 1.20 billion Monthly Active Users on WeChat and 6 out of 10 WeChat users use Mini-Program.

According to Tencent’s annual report for 2019, the number of daily transactions via the WeChat Mini-program has more than doubled YOY, moreover, the overall value has also exceeded 800 billion RMB in 2019.

WeChat pay – one of the largest mobile payment in China that change Chinese consumption behaviors

WeChat Mini-program: product of the mobile era

Mini-programs enable three main business display points: brand communication, user connection, and business operation support. PC and mobile websites can control these aspects well, but as users sink to the mobile terminal, the advantages of mobile marketing tools are undoubtedly highlighted. Such a marketing tool like Mini-Program naturally has unparalleled advantages.

As a product of the mobile era, Mini-Programs are designed for mobile scenarios everywhere – Mini-Programs have an APP-like user interface but is a more natural mobile traffic portal, which can connect users at any time and in anywhere, shortening the path of customer acquisition.

WeChat mini-program: More powerful than a website?

Limited by technology, the functions of most websites are very restricted. However, the APP-like Mini-Programs have more powerful technical interfaces and can be quickly customized through plug-ins.

With the help of sensors integrated into smartphones, Mini-Programs can realize 80% of APP’s functions. At the same time, the strong support and continuous update of the WeChat ecosystem have also added a lot of competitive advantages to its mini-programs.

Mini-Program – Low-cost solution for leads generation in China

Regardless of the value and information brought by traffic, both development and operation costs on Mini-Programs are at an acceptable level for an enterprise. Enterprises only need to update information and take care of customer service regularly, which greatly reduces the workload of operations.

Moreover, companies don’t need to pay for the R&D costs of APPs, so that they can better use their funds for brand communication and promotion. This is one of the reasons why more and more merchants start the development of Mini-Programs.

How to do branding with WeChat Mini-Program?

Mini-Programs are not suitable for every sector

WeChat Mini-Program online shop of baby products

Even though Mini-Program is powerful for branding and marketing in China, the premise of Mini-Programs’ success is based on whether mini-programs are suitable for brands’ business.

When developing Mini-Program, you must consider the compatibility between your business and the feature of the WeChat Mini-Program. For example, big video games are definitely not suitable for Mini-Programs, however, sectors in e-commerce have advantages by applying mini-programs.

Profit the multi-entry of Mini-Program proposed by WeChat

WeChat provides a lot of convenience for Mini-Programs, and adding diverse entryways for mini-programs is one of them.

For instance, channels like the WeChat search bar, official account, the entrance of the Mini-Program in discovery, the QR code of the Mini-Program allow users to directly find the desired Mini-Program. Now custom keywords search is also added to directly display the content of the Mini-Program service.

Three ways to find Mini-Program on WeChat

How to generate leads?

It is widely used to forward and share the Mini-Program interface (not the Mini-Program itself) via WeChat groups and friends, which can accurately circulate your Mini-Program between people of the dame interests.

All the above entryways can be your strategies to guide traffic to your brand’s Mini-Program. The fans of your official account itself or a KOL‘s account are very efficient to give your platform a boost.

Offline and online combination to engage your targets

If you have a physical store in China, you can use Mini-Program to engage your customers. Once they enter your store, you can propose your Mini-program to them so that they can be aware of your promotion activities and new product launches.

What’s more, WeChat has added the “Mini-Program Nearby” function, which allows your Mini-program to be seen within 5 km of a specific location. When the user walks into this range, they can see your Mini-Program in the list and click to use.

Keywords optimization for your Mini-Program

As presented earlier, WeChat users can search and find your Mini-Program in the search bar. Just like the Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization, you can promote your Mini-Program ranking on WeChat by keywords organisation.

If you want to get the traffic for your brand, choose a good keyword is a key point. Good keywords will allow more users to search for your Mini Program. Companies can optimize the keywords of the Mini-Program according to their own brand, industry, product, etc., and improve the search ranking of the Mini-Program to increase its exposure.

Indeed, the WeChat Mini-Program creation and management are not easy for foreign companies. Feel free to contact GMA, an expert WeChat agency since 2012. We can help you by free phone calls, or discuss in details about your WeChat strategies.

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