WeChat is the flagship application of the moment, the Chinese population can witness it since 90% of the population that uses the application is Chinese. We must not neglect the rest of the world that uses it. Everything but really everything can be done on WeChat, that’s why the Chinese are in love! You can chat, (yes, “We chat”) share pictures, videos, short: WeChat is the app of the century!

The app was developed by Tencent Holdings Limited in 2011 since the Chinese do not drop their phones anymore, why? Simply because it became possible to carry out several transactions through his WeChat account, and thus pay his bills, book a taxi, book his flight, make an appointment with his doctor, through WeChat store, or WeChat. Wallet for payment of suppliers online.

Wechat promotes relationships, professional or personal, coupon sharing makes you generate leads for example or stickers video calls. The daily life of the Chinese is no longer the same thanks to Wechat.

Marketers, whether in business or agency, have understood that it was an essential way to make known their box, which is quite logical. But content all companies create! The user swallows hundreds of lines a day, it’s almost become for him a kind of daily prayer … How a company can stand out and create content that makes the buzz?

The answer is: Viral Marketing

Umm … what is it?


Viral marketing or “viral marketing” is the composition of two words, “virus viral” and marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies used by companies, they take advantage of media and social networks to broadcast “The virus”wish is the message or the content in your case! It’s as simple as that: we publish a video on the net, it generates “likes”, the “likes” generate “Shares”.

And the number of people who have seen the video increases by itself, you’ve understood … it’s the snowball effect!

We understand … but what relationship with WeChat?

Easy! WeChat is an ideal platform to broadcast your published content and make it viral. Yes but how? The Chinese make the application a personal matter much more than personal, they check their newsfeed daily (WeChat Moments), so if you publish quite original content you can generate over than 1 billion active users in a week for example, and all that for free.

Oh yes, I completely forgot to tell you: WeChat is a free application that you can download on your phone or on any support! It’s not great … frankly!

Take just 2 minutes of your time for one of the following situations to fully understand what the consumer wants from you; you have to be attentive to these needs and, above all, its interests and adapt that with your favorite tool, WeChat.


Imagine that you send your content to a person without feelings, as dead without life, so you try to enliven him, to make him  daily life happy and out of his routine, good content is content that awakens the senses, and that pushes to share, because finally, we share the emotion and not the content itself, we want to experience what we could feel watching a video, or reading an article for example …

The controversion

Invite the user to chat, and you will do 50% of the work, yes! There is nothing better than to challenge him to the point that he manages to express his ideas, his opinions, knowing that everyone does not have the same opinions as him, (luckily for you to elsewhere)! Many people comment, opinions diverge, and content feeds itself by generating leads and increasing your visibility!

Tell a story

Play Grandmother, yes yes! Tell them stories they like! Make your content swallow with a sip of history, this is called “Storytelling” , your content will pass more easily and will be more exciting for users, if for example, you sell a lipstick and that you want to get your content through a video, do it smartly and tell the story of the beauty of women, trying to do in 3min for example, it will allow the user to live more with the commercial and  imagine herself a heroine in the story.

The content you make available to any user must make it travel, in the train of your content …

Make them curious

Original content and that stands out, is buzz and arouse the curiosity of user, if he is curious it is already a lead for your business! Give yourself some time and make him a prospect, then why not a customer!

Be interactive

You have created great content, everyone is talking about  … Except you! You have to interact in case of misunderstanding or request for information about the product, you have to constantly respond to comments. Make sure that it has a follow-up and that you show that you are there to answer everyone in case of need!


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