Chinese middle class are increasingly interested in nutritional supplements and vitamins, specially after health crisis. This is part of Chinese culture : Preventive healthcare. They are take health products that will improve their health and wellbeing. This is why both the domestic and import markets for these products continue to grow each year.

The China Vitamin D Market is very good, specially now, and online .

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With growing awareness of health and a greater demand for it, the Chinese market for vitamins is booming. Foreign companies in the cosmetics industry have important opportunities.

China’s demand for dietary supplements is driven by:

  • The middle class is growing in its consumer purchasing power
  • Increasing consumer awareness of their health
  • As consumers try to avoid age-related conditions, the population is aging.
  • Skin problems due to environmental pollution

Tmall, a Chinese e-commerce platform, ranks dietary supplements as one of its top-performing product categories. In fact, sales of dietary supplements saw a +120% increase during the 618 Shopping Festival.

A cross-sectional study to assess Vitamin D status in the elderly Chinese population. A survey of the lancet found out a problem is low vitamin D (VitD). A meta-analysis is needed to determine the VitD status of the population on the mainland of China based on heterogenous data.

Chinese netizens, read and share more information about health and solution on Forum or Social Media

We can read that Vitamin D is both a nutritional element we eat and a hormone that our bodies produce. Most of these informaton are Pharmaceutical brand that promote their solution. Vitamin D sold on tmall is a fat-soluble vitamin known to aid in the body’s absorption and retention of calcium, and phosphorus.

Both are essential for building bone. Laboratory studies have shown that vitamin D may reduce the growth of cancer cells, control infections, and lower inflammation. Scientists are currently investigating possible roles for vitamin D in other parts of the body.

For Chinese, Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining bone and muscle tissue, and to boosting our immune system, a key ingredient to fight against covid. (we can read). Like magnesium, some chemical keywords are branded by pharma top groups.

We can read online that the majority of Chinse do not have enough vitamin D. Never find any reliable source but that s what many Chinese beleive.

So many questions about this Vitamin.

Many question on Zhihu or Baidu Question are popular with 10 000 read per topic. How can I ensure a sufficient intake of vitamin D? What are the health consequences of vitamin D deficiency in my body? Are food supplements an effective way to prevent vitamin D deficiency? Are there certain populations that require more vitamin D than others. Are there any health risks if you consume too much vitamin D?

and of course questions about which brand they should buy.

Vitamin D is not found in most foods, but some foods can be fortified with it. Because it is difficult to consume enough vitamin D through food, supplementation is the best option specially during leck of food due to strict lockdown.

Chinese are fast learner and use internet to learn . They prefer trust reliable internet source like Wechat than a Doctor.

Called the sunshine Vitamin

Many professional information about Vitamin D supplements come in two forms, vitamin D2 (or pre-vitamin D), and vitamin D3 (or cholecalciferol). Many mothers know that they give vitamin D to their kids and it is good for their health and skin.  Both of these naturally occurring forms are made in the presence UVB rays. This is why vitamin D2 (“ergocalciferol”) and vitamin D3 (“cholecalciferol”) are called “the sunshine Vitamin.” D2 can be found in plants, fungi, and D3 can be found in animals, as well as humans

Vitamin D is produced in the skin, which is the main natural source of vitamin D. However, many people are not getting enough vitamin D because they don’t have much sun exposure or live in areas that receive little sunlight in winter. People with darker skin have lower levels of vitamin A. This is because the pigment (melanin), acts as a shade and reduces vitamin D production. It also reduces the harmful effects of sunlight on skin (including skin cancer).

A problem is low vitamin D a meta-analysis is needed to determine the VitD status of the population on the mainland of China based on heterogenous data explained professional survey.

Supplements to improve your physical appearance

Different types of dietary supplements can be used to enhance physical appearances such as skin and body musculature.

In China, muscular and strong bodies are becoming more common. This trend is further encouraged by the proliferation of social media content that promotes healthy and disease-free supplements.

This Vit D supplement also fits in with the “nutricosmetics” trend, a neologism in cosmetics that refers to foods that enhance appearance. These Vit D dietary supplements promise to improve skin, hair, nails, and fight against depression etc…

How do you sell Vitamin and VDC in China

If you are a brand and want to sell in China?

The solution to sell is Tmall, Jd global

Crossborder E-commerce allows you to sell immediately without the need for a license, provided you have approval from cross-border platforms. Tech-savvy consumers are increasingly using online platforms. In fact, a majority of Chinese purchases are made online. Mobile sales are increasing every year.

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International companies can bypass local regulations and avoid taxes by using cross-border ecommerce. They can compete with domestic products in terms of price.

An online sales infrastructure is crucial because e-commerce is likely to be the most popular outlet for selling vitamins or dietary supplements. is a ecomemrce platform, with good trust with heatlth products.

How can you promote Chinese Vitamins supplements through social media?

Brand image is important and sound close to terms such as “health”, well-being, and “form”. In addition, a good e-reputation is essential!

These social networks are a great way for Western brands to focus their marketing strategies and highlight certain aspects.

  • Chinese people want to know what they ingest. Therefore, transparency regarding ingredients is highly encouraged.
  • Health products must be grounded in science. This is especially true in China, which has a strong culture and appreciation for the sciences.
  • Chinese trust the opinions of their peers to purchase a product, and they want to be certain of its effectiveness.
  • Quality through high-quality formulas and raw materials is key to quality.
  • Collaboration with KOLs is a good idea, as the Chinese people depend heavily on them, especially in this sector.

By-health, China’s leading brand, has a strong focus on key products and focuses on one category through consumer education, marketing, and other activities.

A Chinese website is necessary

Chinese consumers are not likely to buy products that they don’t understand, so it is important for Western brands to be able to access the Chinese market.

It is crucial to create a Chinese website that is visible to Chinese customers in order for your brand to be recognized in China. It should be built on Baidu, the Chinese Search Engine.

For example this website is a fake swiss website.

Your Mandarin website must also be accessible. Baidu only knows Mandarin and will give priority to websites located in China. This is why they are so important for your SEO ranking. Baidu tools can be used by brands to make them more visible to Chinese consumers.

The real Swiss Website

Content is the key in the medical field

You should adapt your content to the Chinese market. For example, Chinese website culture may be different than ours. Your content and design should be tailored to local needs. Chinese customers prefer sites that provide a lot more information than those with simple layouts.

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