During Black Friday 2020, JD Worldwide saw an increase in many categories of imported products. Among these, the Beauty Care & Food (especially babies/moms food segment) ones have been the most successful. This isn’t the only novelty about Black Friday 2020 in China, other interesting new trends appeared during the famous event. Do you want to know more about the JD Black Friday shopping festival? Keep reading!

JD Black Friday: the festival of overseas products in China

On November 27th, JD worldwide saw the sales of imported products boosting by the time Black Friday kicked off. Not by chance, JD worldwide sales grew by 194% YOY that day. Among the bestseller, makeup and food products increased 4 times YOY. Also, sales of self-care products and luxury bags performed well, which respectively have a growth of 180% and 93% YOY.

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In addition to the above mentioned, other sectors had an outstanding performance: health supplements, maternal & baby; and more niche groups as toys, medical, and pets.

The most successful brands on JD worldwide during Black Friday:

  • Makeup brand Shiseido & Skincare brands Sulwasoo, and Dr. Jart;
  • Slf-care brands: Kao, Shiseido, and Ryo;
  • Infant milk powder brands: Maxigenes, Devondale, and Nestlé.
JD blackfriday sales

Not only shopping overseas but also live-streaming and gamification of the purchasing process are the revelations of the year.

Why overseas food and makeup products are rising on JD worldwide?

Chinese consumption behavior is rapidly changing thanks to the spread of wealth all over the country. As the white-collar class has increased together with the importance of the millennial generation’s demand, new types of goods are becoming popular in the Chinese market.

The new demand is seeking high-quality products and environmentally friendly brands. Consumers are more concerned about the quality of life and, do not trust made-in-China brands since Chinese factories and companies have been involved in many scandals not long ago.

Consequently, the request for imported goods raised, especially for those related to a healthy lifestyle and the cure of the body.

Millenials seek niche products on JD worldwide

The new Chinese population is not only thirsty for high-quality products but also interested in unique ones. New Chinese generations want to appear different and wealthy, so they really like niche and foreign brands. This is also because “foreign” in China is in synonym with “better quality and higher social status”.

JD Worldwide: the JD.com initiative that targets cross-border companies

Among JD.com’s initiatives, there is JD Worldwide, which the JD “section” is dedicated to overseas companies. The ideal marketplace for those companies that do not keep stock in mainland China and want to sell from their country.

This initiative is very useful since most Chinese platforms require a physical presence in China. On the contrary, JD Worldwide offers a place to brands that are registered outside of the country.

Why should overseas brands join JD Worldwide?

If you want to check the Chinese market before investing too much in it, JD Worldwide is one of the best options at your disposal.

In fact, you should take into account how JD Worldwide manages distribution services, payment services, and more. The company indeed collaborates with logistics groups, like DHL, ensuring safe delivery all over China.

In addition, it guarantees an easy payment process and allows you to have space in the Chinese online network without being China’s registered company.

How can you set up a merchant account on JD Worldwide?

Are you interested in setting up your JD account? Read below what steps you need to follow:

  1. pay a deposit and a fee, respectively of $ 15,000 and $ 1000
  2. have a license
  3. be a foreign company establish abroad with a trademark registration
  4. have a track record of your products and an operational history
  5. own a USD bank account
  6. do a business registration in China

(The fourth requirement has been settled to demonstrate that you are not a fake foreign company).

How to get sales on JD Worldwide?

To have an account on JD as well as having one in any other e-commerce platform is not enough to get sales in China.

In order to get sales in China, in fact, you must gain brand awareness. Luckily, the Chinese spend a lot of time on the internet and shopping online is very popular.

So, to reach the above-mentioned objective, first, you need to manage the Online Reputation of your brand.

How can foreign brands get visibility in China?

  • First of all, you need to have a look-like Chinese website. Communicate to your target in the right way is the key, you cannot just pretend to translate your website into Chinese and that’s it. Instead, in order to attract Chinese consumers, it’s necessary to rely on good copywriters and website designers specialized in the Chinese market.
  • Another fundamental operation is doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through pay-per-click and Native ads, you can attract more traffic, lead generation, and do retargeting in a shorter time than using any other tools, especially during the first phase.
  • In addition, you cannot forget the power of social media.  Chinese love social media and use them for everything, especially younger consumers. So, while you are building your e-reputation, the social media account is one of the first activities you need to take into account.

By the way, you are probably wondering which social media can better suit your company profile. Well, the answer can be formulated according to many factors, such as your product industry or which goal you want to reach. GMA can give you the right advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

XIAOHONGSHU: the “pink” alternative to JD worldwide

In the beginning, Xiaohongshu, or Little Red Book, had a different mission from now. Its scope was sharing content about travel, luxury, and fashion products. However, from a UGC (user-generated content) social sharing platform, Xiaohonshu has rapidly developed into a social e-commerce platform. It was 2014.

The power of Little Red Book is well known. Fashion and cosmetic famous brands have already signed a partnership with it, such as Lancome. The app is particularly interesting for fashion and beauty brands since its target is mainly Chinese females born from 1985 to 2002.

It is also a successful tool for a foreign company because helps to build visibility and trust. Xiaohongshu’s users love to consult the “shopping notes” (review or comment about products) or follow their favorite Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) on it, they feel it like a community.

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