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Market Survey

A complete survey to understand the market & opportunities before getting started

Open JD Store - Registration

We set up online shops for brands in China and Hongkong.

JD Store Design

A beautiful sotre that will appeal to customers while keeping your brand Identity

JD Store Management

From customers services, to on-site marketing, we take care of everything

Off-Site Promotion

Full Marketing strategy off-site to ensure your JD Store success

Monthly Report

A report that help you understand your JD store performances

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More information About selling on JD

Open JD store - Registration

We help you open your store with all the administrative procedures, from installation to payment methods. We also do market analysis on competitors and current trends. This will allow you to sell your products to a large community of potential customers in China.

JD store Management

Your store must gain the trust of its audience and stand out from the competition. Our agency is responsible for promoting your store and choosing the best KOLs. Boost your sales and your notoriety with a real influencer marketing strategy. We develop your store and its product pages to the specific tastes and requirements of Chinese consumers. . Adapt to the tastes of Chinese consumers to be successful in the Chinese market.

Digital marketing in China, Top Solution

On & Off-site marketing

Performance-based Chinese SEM (search engine marketing) on all major search engines are tied to Tmall & JD enhancement in cost-per-acquisition [CPA], cost-per-lead [CPL] and cost-per-sale [CPS]. Tmall provides brands with Tmall flagship store, consulting and management, front-end Tmall store, shop decoration, Taobao Tmall, and JD merchandise management, marketing and advertising. Additional services are search result optimization [SEO], Pay-per-click [PPC], display banner advertisement, email, and SMS marketing.

Why hire-us to sell on JD.com?

We are a JD.com (JingDong) Agency – JD store and Promotion E-Commerce in China. We are based in China and help Brands to open Store on JD and realize effective Promotion & Marketing Campaign

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JD.com - Frequently Asked Question

How does JD Operates?

JD operates two principal types of partnership in eCommerce transactions with foreign merchants. With general utility Apps and mobile messaging the JD platform has impacted internet users worldwide, especially in China. It has the biggest infrastructural system in China, more than any other sales platform. Overseas merchants use JD’s worldwide eCommerce platform to sell to the Chinese without any legal company entity or bank account in China. In ‘reseller’ e-commerce, JD purchases goods from foreign partners and sells directly to Chinese consumers with a markup. On the platform model, JD allows international brands or merchants to use its eCommerce platform to sell products directly to the Chinese. JD then earns a commission from the merchants as a bargain for hosting them to sell in China. JD e-stores are sold and managed by many JD partners. We are JD Agency in China Shanghai

How Does Tmall Operates?

It allows Chinese merchants or retailers to advertise their products on the Tmall platform. Brands use this opportunity to advertise products on this platform where about 80% of Chinese buy their products. Tmall provides opportunities for merchants to promote their products on Tmall’s official marketing campaigns. Merchants through this platform have access to transaction management tools, exclusive product release dates, and shop decoration. JD also has Strategic partnerships. There are also financial rewards for highly popular stores depending on the quality of the product and delivery speed.

Why is JD popular?

This eCommerce platform is a gateway for many international brands to reach their Chinese audience without any physical structure in China. JD operates cross-border eCommerce services that make it easy for the Chinese to shop for products from the comfort of their home or on a mobile device. With the help of Chinese search engines like Baidu, Sohu, and others, this eCommerce provides a good product image and visibility for millions of customers across China.

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