Key figures of the cross-border e-commerce in China


Booming of cross-border e-commerce

Impressing figures!

cross border e-commerce figure

 Cross-border e-commerce has registered a turnover of about 4 billion dollars in China. It is a new burgeoning market which is tending to boom even more in the next years upcoming.

cross border china

The idea is to make possible shopping everywhere in the world and at every time, without the barriers of payments problems or even taxes…etc.

Chinese trust foreign products because they are thinking that products coming from abroad are quality products.

The other is the transition to a consumption society with the booming of the middle class. We are expected to reach 630 million people in this middle class.

New way of consumption

Chinese people are hyper-connected!

mobile users figure

Chinese people are more opened to discover and try foreign products due to the booming of Internet, they are more educated, aware and informed about the western culture and habits. Yes Chinese people are more demanding than before!

chinese working

Adding to this phenomenon, mobile commerce growing because it is more efficient and convenient to shop on your mobile than on your PC.

Alibaba: key player on cross-border e-commerce

Alibaba is never far from any profitable market!

Alibaba online buyer

The reason why cross-border e-commerce works is also because big Chinese player such as Alibaba has provided a range of worldwide products coming from every place in the world. Alibaba is the biggest group in China and Chinese people have trust in it, they won’t think a lot of any purchase.

cross border alibaba

This is one of the key if you want to make your e-commerce running well in China, Chinese people are really mistrustful and they don’t easily trust something that they don’t know.

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