Baidu, one of the largest search engines in China, is continually evolving its Search Engine Marketing (SEM) capabilities to better serve marketers and businesses aiming to reach the Chinese market. For 2023-2024, Baidu has introduced several new features and updates to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its SEM services. Here are five notable updates:

If you want to reach a wide audience within China B2B, health or niche, then advertising is the fastest and most efficient way to go about it. It allows consumers to find you easily while searching for either your brand, or related information about the products and services you provide.

Baidu: Presentation

In the west Baidu is known as the “Chinese Google”. Indeed, China leading search engine creators inspired themselves from Google, and by inspire I mean they copied the concept entirely. It is arguable that the technology behind Google is more advanced, but it is counter balanced by the fact that Baidu has developed its own ecosystem with Chinese users as a focus. Consequently, it is now the best suited in this language. It is estimated that Baidu has around 663 million users using its services every month.

Now let’s see how we can put it to work.

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How Does Search Advertising Work?

If you are not familiar with advertising on search engines, such as Google Adwords, let us explain. The model is PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click). You choose different words or phrases for which you want your text ad to show up for, they are called keywords. The more people are bidding on a specific keyword, the higher the price for it goes. Once you start working with us we take care of everything.

Here is a representation of how your ads would be displayed in China:


Our Services and Process

GMA methodology is as follows: First we define with you the scope of your activity. Before we start creating your first campaign, we take the time to put ourselves in your audience shoes. We brainstorm with you about what your key objectives are and how to respond to it in the most efficient manner. These are essential steps in order to start advertising with on solid grounds.

Keywords Research: Only the most relevant must be targeted. We want to avoid too broad keywords that gives too few leads. And also the creation of ad-groups, to better target the different aspects of your offer.

Geographic Targeting: Relevance is here key as well. If your product or service is only available in Shanghai, then no need to advertise it all over China.

Adcopy Writing: CTR (click through rates) is important. We have a dedicated team of copywriter that will create several ads copy.

Tracking and Optimization: Probably the most important part after good planning you’re your campaign goes on we will receive numerous data for us to analyze. Which will allow us to tweak our strategy to improve return on investment. Bidding strategy, the addition of negative keywords, dividing your ads in relevant groups and focus your budget on the geographical areas and times of the day that work the best.

Reporting: Every month, we provide you with a report giving you key insight about how your advertising campaigns are doing.

  1. Improved AI Integration in Bidding Strategies: Baidu has integrated more advanced artificial intelligence algorithms into its bidding strategies. This means that the platform can now offer more dynamic and intelligent bidding options that adapt in real-time to changes in the market, user behavior, and competitive landscape. This improvement can help advertisers optimize their ad spend and increase the overall return on investment (ROI).
  2. Enhanced Audience Targeting Tools: Baidu has rolled out new tools and features for audience targeting, including more detailed demographic segmentation, interest and behavior insights, as well as retargeting capabilities. These enhancements allow advertisers to reach their specific target audience more precisely and effectively, tailoring their campaigns to match user profiles and preferences.
  3. Richer Ad Formats and Creative Options: Recognizing the need for engaging and compelling ad content, Baidu has introduced a variety of new ad formats. These include interactive ads, video ads with embedded calls-to-action, and augmented reality (AR) ads that provide users with a more immersive experience. These innovative formats are designed to capture more attention and drive higher engagement rates.
  4. Cross-Platform Advertising Solutions: With the growing ecosystem of Baidu-owned platforms, including Baidu Tieba, Baidu Baike, and iQiyi, Baidu has improved its cross-platform advertising solutions. Advertisers can now create unified campaigns that run seamlessly across multiple Baidu platforms, ensuring consistent messaging and broader reach. This integration simplifies the management of complex campaigns and enhances user engagement across different touchpoints.
  5. Enhanced Mobile Marketing Capabilities: Given the massive mobile user base in China, Baidu has further optimized its mobile marketing tools. This includes improved mobile ad formats, better mobile search functionalities, and mobile-specific audience targeting options. The updates are designed to help advertisers capture the attention of mobile users more effectively, considering the mobile-first nature of internet usage in China.

These updates signify Baidu’s commitment to maintaining its competitiveness in the Chinese digital advertising space and providing advertisers with sophisticated tools to reach and engage their audiences. With these enhancements, Baidu SEM is better equipped to handle the challenges of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Baidu B2B


Baidu, as one of China’s premier technology companies, operates a variety of platforms tailored to different market needs, including B2B services. For businesses looking to engage with Baidu’s B2B services, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance business operations, marketing efforts, and customer reach. Here’s a description of what Baidu’s B2B website typically includes and how it serves the business community:

  1. Search Functionality: Central to Baidu’s offerings, the search functionality is particularly tailored on the B2B platform to help businesses find relevant industry information, potential business partners, suppliers, or buyers. It uses Baidu’s robust search technology to deliver precise results based on industry-specific queries.
  2. Product and Services Listings: The website allows businesses to list their products and services in a detailed manner. These listings are often categorized by industry and can be searched by other businesses. This feature facilitates easier discovery and comparison of offerings, helping businesses to attract partners and clients.
  3. Supplier and Buyer Matchmaking: Baidu B2B provides tools that help connect suppliers with potential buyers. This matchmaking is supported by Baidu’s data analytics capabilities, which can recommend matches based on business profiles, previous search behavior, and interaction history.
  4. Advertising Solutions: The platform offers a range of advertising solutions tailored for B2B businesses. These include paid search ads, display ads, and customized content marketing options that help businesses increase their visibility among specific business audiences on Baidu’s extensive network.
  5. Analytics and Tools: Baidu B2B equips businesses with analytics tools that allow them to track the performance of their listings and advertisements. These tools provide insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and overall engagement, enabling businesses to optimize their strategies effectively.
  6. Community and Forums: To foster a sense of community and provide a platform for knowledge sharing, Baidu B2B often features forums and discussion groups. These forums are industry-specific and allow businesses to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in their respective sectors.
  7. Trade Assurance: Recognizing the importance of trust in B2B transactions, Baidu may offer services similar to trade assurance that protect buyers and ensure that suppliers fulfill their obligations. This increases confidence among platform users and encourages more robust trade activity.
  8. Multi-language Support: Given the international nature of many B2B transactions, Baidu’s B2B platform supports multiple languages, facilitating easier communication and transaction among businesses from different parts of the world.

Overall, Baidu’s B2B platform is designed to be a comprehensive marketplace for businesses looking to increase their market reach in China. It combines Baidu’s powerful search technology with specialized B2B features to create a dynamic environment where businesses can connect, collaborate, and grow.

Pricing and Complementary Services

We also have a separate service to redesign websites and landing pages to increase your conversion coming from the search engines or even other sources such as social media. Simple changes in a page often result in much more leads and sales, reducing your cost of acquisition for new customers.

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