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Digital marketing is not only for B2C. B2B means all the commercial relations between the two companies. How Internet can help you to attract leads? Some digital marketing agencies have adapted and specialized their services in offering B2B marketing strategies.

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A primary objective for a business is to increase its sales.


Marketing B2B in China

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Industries in China

The industrial sector represents 70% of China gross domestic product (GDP). China is a major producer of wells and equipment in the world. Their economic model based on cheap labor and very low resale price is changing with the development of the middle class and the wages rise.

This is why more and more Chinese industrial companies seek a better quality and an automation of their production. We can classify industrial products in 2 categories: standard products and customized solutions.


Optimize your website for China

In China, 80% of buyers are looking for their information (sourcing) on the Internet and 95% of industrial buyers use the Internet to find suppliers.

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We can also mention some industrial companies use Alibaba, an e-commerce platform, to get low-value consumables.

An other example is BAIDU, the leading search engine in China which must be use to get organic traffic by using SEO technics and optimizing your website.


Market Test: An Adwords campaign?

An Adwords campaign can be a smart way to perform a market test. Your company can decide how much it wants to invest in this market test and then the cost can be relatively low. Even if users prefer natural results (more trustful for them), some do not hesitate to click on promotional links.

Baidu is and remains the favorite search engine in China with nearly a 70% market share.


The e-marketing strategy in China B2B

To put up a good e-marketing strategy, you need to identify your customer needs, new trends and innovations to fully meet your relevant segments.

Thereafter, we must identify what the best ways are to reach the target by segmenting the market by sector, size or geographical area.

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How to communicate in the industrial sector

Often industrial companies with limited budget prefer the non-media solutions to communicate with their customers (catalog, trade shows, brochure, etc.). But this approach is not adapted to the reality of the Chinese market and the dominance of the Internet.

So it is very important to first have a website in Mandarin to be listed on search engines so prospective buyers and prospects find you easily. Thereafter it will be essential to meet production deadlines, providing exemplary quality and to follow up with customers, all this in order to retain a sustainable manner.


e-reputation a cornerstone in your strategy

The reputation has a key role in your success to market your product to a market which doesn’t know you. As we said earlier, Chinese including industrial entrepreneurs go on the Internet to gather information about a business or product, therefore it’s essential your e-reputation (comments and users’ reviews left on the Internet) is pristine.

This is a crucial step in generating leads … Ensure the information that Chinese buyers will find your product is great. In order to do that you can use 2 types of marketing tactics.


The Chinese love to share their opinions on social medias and you want to communicate and influence their perception then you need to put social medias in the center of your digital strategy. The most popular social media in China is WeChat with nearly 700 million active users. We recommend using this medium to communicate easily and quickly at a lower cost with your potential buyers and current customers.


Public Relations

PR agencies will inform professionals and experts of the reliability of your products and services. Having an expert and a leader talking in a positive way of your product is very good for your reputation.


From a B2B perspective, digital marketing is often overlooked… it’s a mistake especially in China. Chinese customers turn to the Internet to find information and experts opinions.

The industrial sector is still booming, and many foreign companies want to commercialise in China. Their ability to adapt to this market realities, including the use of digital into their strategy is the major factor to find leads and potential buyers.

To generate leads in China, you need to become known, have good customers’ comments, and communicate with thee targeted segments in an appropriate and effective way.



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    1. Alex,
      1/it is like newsletters. Prospects follow your account and will remimber you.
      2nd Solution is to identify Groups , Community speaking about your industry.
      3rd Solution : word of Mouth people share your company profil via wechat.(if it is a nice wechat account of course)

  1. B2B usually do not invest in Marketing and they are wrong.
    Most B2B companies that use lead generation even basic get high return on investment because… everybody search the best supplier.

  2. VEry Good interesting article. B2B, industry are just at the Prehistoric age of the Business. Digitalization of these Big machine are so difficult.
    And if you have to start with China, they really need assistance.

  3. hello,

    really useful information! I would like to learn more about it on how to reach Chinese distributors. I represent a group of Latin American Hand made accesories.


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