The improving level of health awareness is generating growth of medical device sales in China and therefore also increasing the popularity of massage equipment brands. What happened to the massage device brand SKG during 2020 Double 11 is the demonstration.

Massage equipment brands sales boosted during Double 11

China is an environment in continuous development, where brands should continually find new solutions to get success. The Massage device brand SKG demonstrates to have understood this main lesson of the market, fielding an incredible campaign on 11.11.

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In fact, for the 2020 Double 11 event, the company, which is a fashion entry lux tech internationally recognized brand, worked with its new Ambassador Wang Yibo, performing a perfect multi-channel strategy.

How SKG sold a huge amount of massage equipment during Double 11

The brand promoted the product through the right celebrity (Wang Yibo), the right event Double 11, the right tools (live-streaming and Weibo), and other perfect strategical decisions.

The result was that Wang Yibo, who is a famous Chinese singer, actor, and racing driver, sold 100 thousand SKG massage devices in the first minute of the shopping event. Also, the SKG tool also ranked 1st in the massage category on both JD and Taobao e-commerce platforms.

But let’s see why.

The key points of SKG plan are:

  • Promoting the product with a live streaming video, this tool, in fact, is the real new trend in China at present;
  • working with the right KOL. Wang Yibo is a star among young Chinese, and this is the right target audience as the new generations recently reveal more interest in health-related, high-quality, and technology products. In addition, SKG cooperated with brands with which Wang works on Weibo to increase the virality of the campaign, such as Colgate.
  • Promoting on the right social media platform. Weibo has been the perfect place to promote cause the Ambassador’s followers on Weibo are more than 36 million. In addition, the platform is one of the best tools to do branding due to its openness, in the sense that anyone can see Weibo content without registering or executing any other difficult procedures.
  • Selling in the right e-commerce platforms. JD and TMALL are the marketplaces for well-known brands. If your brand is very popular in China, you should have them cause they are the most used online shopping platform in the country.
  • Together with a collaboration with the right KOL, combining the launch of a new product with a famous shopping event can allow your campaign to become viral.

China healthcare market insights

China’s health care market size is growing

A rapid growth featured in recent years in China’s health care sector. The market reached more than RMB7,82 trillion in 2019, more than 10% compared to the previous year. And even if the growth in 2020 has relatively slowdown, the forecast for the future is positive due to the government’s new investments and the increasing health awareness of Chinese citizens.

In addition, China’s healthcare industry is currently ranked the second largest in the world. And even if it is huge, the government’s current expenditure amount only to 6,57%, of the GDP, showing great potentiality of growth. It is also estimated that China will have a 25% share of the global medical devices industries by 2030.

COVID 19 pandemic is affecting the consumption of medical device market

China’s healthcare industry saw big changes due to the pandemic. The repercussion of Covid 19 on the health care industry has been significant.

The state as well as the citizen saw how pandemic highlights China’s health care-related problems.

Thus, China’s politicians have scheduled stronger investments in the sector for its 14th-year plan, and also Chinese people have changed their consumption behavior, purchasing more health care products.

New Market features & trends have appeared in 2020

  • the shift of investment/consumption demand from treatment to prevention
  • increasing acceptance of wearable medical devices
  • increase of use of miniaturized devices
  • M&A between technological and medical companies and the application of many technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, or data analytics software, to the medical sector.
  • More openness toward foreign investments. The central government while added new items to the National Encouraged List, deleted items from the National negative list. Such a decision allows overseas companies taking advantage of preferential policies and tax rates.

The massage equipment industry is changing from a product-driven model to a data-driven model.

Technology is fundamental for companies present in the Chinese market as the knowledge of citizen behavior and consumption demand are more and more at the disposal of companies.

So, if you want to enter the Chinese ecosystem, you should consider partnerships with digital companies that can help your company leverage these data in order to meet Chinese needs.

An example is Huma, a UK start-up that with the support of digital partners, such as Tencent, developed two monitoring systems that are able to collect data from many devices and, even more important, use them to predict and prevent chronic diseases.

What massage equipment companies should consider before entering China?

Despite China offering a great range of possibilities for new entrants, massage equipment brands, as well as all medical devices sellers need to be aware of how difficult is to compete in this huge environment.

First of all, companies that want to sell medical devices in China should ask for the approval of China’s National Medical Product Administration (NMPA).

Then, there is a Medical Device Classification Catalogue, which categorized the devices into three groups, according to the level of risk for patients using such devices. This classification implied different regulations related to each category (class I has connected to a “lower degree of risk” and allows simpler rules for brands).

In addition, some imported device brands are required to follow stricter regulations compared to domestic ones.

How can foreign massage equipment brands enter the Chinese market?

To compete in a such competitive eco-system as China is, it’s necessary doing long-term investments and taking the right strategic decisions.

One thing we know for sure about the China of the future and is the extreme digitalization of its society. China already has a much higher degree of digitalization compared to Western countries, and this trend is expected to grow.

Chinese customers already are used to doing shopping online, so creating an omnichannel digital strategy is the best way to break into the Chinese market.

The main step to follow if you want to promote your massage equipment brand in China

1. To create a website with a “.cn” domain and written in Chinese

With the help of designers and copywriters specializing in the Chinese market, you can build a website able to attract your target audience. The translation is not enough in China since the way of thinking of western people is sometimes totally different from Chinese. Also, the colors and the structure of the website don’t follow the same standards.

In addition, it’s important to have a Chinese website with a “.cn” domain to be ranked among the results of Chinese Search Engines.

2. Doing SEO on Baidu

The standard behavior of the Chinese is to look for information about products on the internet (so not very different from western citizens), but instead of using Google, they are used to many other Search Engines.

The most used search engine in China is Baidu, so in order to gain the attention of potential customers, you need to rank in the first results of Baidu. This can be done by choosing the right keywords and investing in PPC as well as in Native Ads.

3. To manage your e-reputation

As we said before, Chinese users are addicted to the internet and they seek products on it. Also, they look for reviews of products on it.

Then, there are many ways to obtain reviews on the ”Chinese internet”:

  • You can create topics about your products on Q&A forums (like Zhihu, Tieba, Zhidao, etc), and then becoming visible on Baidu since many questions on the forum ranked in the first positions of Baidu.
  • You can create an account on the social media platform Xiaohongshu. The platform lets companies obtain “shopping notes”, reviews about products written by Xiaohongshu users. This option can be very useful if your target is Chinese young females.

4. To be present on Chinese social media

The sense of community is an important value in Chinese society. This concept has been transferred in the digital ecosystem, and social media is the main representation. According to your target and your business as well as to your objectives, you should consider the best one.

WeChat: the best place to nurture your audience

The most used social media platform in China.

It is also the main platform to reach older users since they usually used it to pay. But not only, if you want to do a long-term investment in China, you also need to have it to nurture your audience. It is a close ecosystem but is useful to gain customers’ data and also to retain their loyalty with a creative strategy.

Weibo: the best place to become viral

An open social network that can let your company be visible to a huge public choosing the right promotional campaign for the brand. The right KOL and the right event can be the best way to let the name of your brand be viral in China.

Xiaohongshu (or Little Red Book): the best to build trust

The place where your company can create trust. Through the above-mentioned “shopping notes” and the collaboration with Key Opinion Customers, that are influent people but less popular than KOL. Even if they have a lower number of followers, they can offer your company a better ROI, since users think they are more reliable than the “expensive” influencers.

These are just some of the most used Chinese social media at present. If you want to know more about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to sell massage equipment in China?

As we mentioned before, imported products need to be approved by the legal authority of NMPA. So, only after getting permission and having prepared other required documents, a company can be present on the Chinese market.

E-commerce platforms: the best place to sell in China at present

Chinese users most of the time do shopping on e-commerce platforms, a habit that is arriving in Europe with Amazon, but that isn’t popular as in China yet.

Some advices for unknown companies in China

You should choose the right platform according to the popularity of your brand in China. If it’s the first time you sell in China and your brand isn’t popular in the country, maybe it’s better to test the market. In this case, a good option can be to sell on Koala, a not expensive option, and also, a place where it isn’t difficult to get a registration.

Some advices for popular brands in China

On the contrary, if you are already popular in mainland China, you should consider joining JD or Taobao, as they are the largest e-commerce platforms in China. In addition, these shopping apps ensure to sale of high-quality products, a fundamental feature in the healthcare sector.

How to find a trustworthy company agency in China?

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