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The Chinese internet is full of ecommerce activities such as digital advertising, website auditing, branding, content marketing, data management and more. As a mobile Agency, we consult on strategic solutions to provide business with great marketing opportunities.

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We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Effective branding, visibility, lead generation and traffic driving has positioned this mobile franchise ahead in the Chinese internet business. WeChat digital advertising allows for mobile commerce with instant messaging, video marketing etc, generating much revenue daily.

Key opinion leaders [KOL] are a strategic advertising tool used by WeChat to create business awareness on the Chinese internet. These opinion leaders are hired to promote products to their already established online following. WeChat banner display is another strategy used to display brands describing products and services, by  linking your WeChat account and shop together. This helps in driving traffic. KOL WeChat advertising campaign drives traffic that leads to higher conversion rates in the Chinese market. Return on investment [ROI] is displayed by the performance of your advertisement campaign and the growth of your account. Driving traffic is another strategy for promoting mobile commerce on this online sales platform. So many users connect through this medium either to chat, shop or for other transactions. Cost- per- click [CPC] or click-per-mile [CPM] advertising refers to the placement of banners, and any time there is a click, payment is made. On click-per-mile [CPM], the cost of 1000 users seeing the banner is paid as this digital advertising cost.


Mobile commerce on the Chinese internet is greatly influenced by pay per click [PPC] in paid search engine marketing. Taobao among others is a search engine that ranks brands in keywords with huge revenues earned from these paid clicks. SEO from this search engine result makes content effective and attractive for brands, leading to high traffic. We provide search engine marketing [SEM], ecommerce campaigns, SEO generation, encoding, local domains and hosting. The viral campaign is created and shared by users either driven by social impulse, or for a financial incentive. Visibility created from high search engine rankings drives these type of campaigns.


The biggest and most popular B2C [Business to consumer] marketplace online sales platform in China. It allows brands to sell products directly to their Chinese customers. As a branch of Alibaba group, it uses the Alipay system and ensures premium and quality products for customers. Tmall provides brands with a Tmall flagship store, consulting and management, Front-end Tmall store,  shop decoration, Taobao Tmall merchandise management, marketing and advertising. Other services are search result optimization [SEO], Pay-per-click [PPC], display banner advertisements, email and SMS marketing, Tmall specific promotions and Tmall Daily update including regular sales reports for vendors.


This mobile App enables Chinese shoppers to purchase goods using their smartphone. This mobile ecommerce App is based in Shanghai, with the target of women between ages 18-35 years accessing luxury products from overseas; they share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. This App had over 15 million registered users by end of September and has gained the attention of shoppers and investors all over the world. This mobile App connects brands with their potential customers in China.


  • Connect brands with information to set up Tmall store.
  • Provide market analysis and advice on Tmall store format.
  • Open your store in, and integrate brand to Alipay and Tmall account.
  • Design wechat store, customized for services.
  • Build efficient, strategic and intelligent links to position brand highly on search engine ranking.



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