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SILICON | Would china be able to make chips?

At the danger of sounding excessively negative, let us talk about China’s semiconductor fab/foundry circumstance. Fabs are one of the central reasons, it is challenging to envision China getting autonomous from coordinated circuit (IC) imports: no place in China can...

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Top websites to sell your book in China

China is a huge country. It has 1.386 billion people. When we talk about China the numbers are often impressive. The country represents an opportunity for anyone who wants to do business there. But what about the literature market? Overview of the market For the book...

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A 2020 guide to Distribution in China

You should understand that there is not 1 distribution strategy for exporting your product to China but a multitude of alternatives but they are also a multitude of strategies that do not work such as emailing distributors in English (already they don't read their...

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Originally known as the gateway to China for Western brands due to its successful engagement of so many Chinese consumers, Tmall has over the years become one of the most effective incubators of domestic Chinese design talent. Tmall is becoming a luxury fashion’s...

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