Where Chinese consumers like to buy Food in 2024? On Douyin (Tiktok)

The Chinese food market has seen a meteoric rise on platforms like Douyin, becoming a vibrant and influential space for brands, influencers, and consumers alike. Here are seven key trends that are shaping the future of food in China, each presented with a punchy title to capture the essence of these movements.

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1. “From Farm to Smartphone”

  • Trend Insight: The surge in farm-to-table content, showcasing the journey of produce from cultivation to consumption, caters to a growing consumer demand for transparency and sustainability in food sourcing.

2. “The Live Cooking Show Renaissance”

  • Trend Insight: Live-stream cooking shows are becoming virtual stages where chefs and food influencers share recipes, cooking tips, and engage in real-time with their audience, adding a personal touch to the culinary experience.

3. “Snackable Content, Gourmet Experiences”

  • Trend Insight: Short, engaging food videos that offer quick recipes, food hacks, and plating techniques are booming, providing viewers with gourmet experiences in bite-sized formats.

4. “The Rise of Foodie Influencers”

  • Trend Insight: Food influencers on Douyin are becoming key opinion leaders, with their recommendations and reviews shaping dining trends and driving consumers to try new food products and dining experiences.

5. “Virtual Gastronomy Journeys”

  • Trend Insight: Content that explores regional cuisines and hidden culinary gems across China and beyond is on the rise, taking viewers on gastronomic journeys from the comfort of their homes.

6. “Health and Wellness at the Forefront”

  • Trend Insight: There’s an increasing focus on healthy eating trends, with a surge in content related to superfoods, dietary supplements, and fitness meals, reflecting a broader consumer awareness around health and wellness.

7. “The Flavor of Innovation: Tech in Cuisine”

  • Trend Insight: Cutting-edge food technology, including AI-driven personalized nutrition, plant-based meat alternatives, and futuristic food presentation, is gaining traction, showcasing the intersection of technology and culinary arts.

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Food in China

Chinese buyers’ shopping propensities have changed drastically as livelihoods have risen and new items and ideas have entered the China market. Purchaser propensities keep on evolving today, and looking at eras of buyers can uncover certain shopping patterns.

  • The new era of customers (less than 20 years old) is the most Westernized and open to new items.
  •  These shoppers want to order food sitting at their homes.
  • The rising trends of people preferring to buy food directly from their houses have fueled the Chinese online food market.
  • One reason for this is the practicality and less time availability of the generation.
  • People just don’t have time for cooking or going out for that matter, so they opt for the next best option, online ordering.

Why online purchase has become so popular for Food and Beverage in China?

Online food is about accommodation. Requesting take away by any strategy eliminates shopping and cooking time, yet internet requesting goes a few stages further by reducing hours spent standing up in the queue to request and pick up takeaway, tirelessly searching out individual eateries and menus, and attempting to place an order to eateries on the phone which sometimes miserably fails.

Keeping an online purchase in mind, the client can simply place orders before leaving work and have food delivered fresh for them when they arrive, or can also pre-request on weekends when they know the week ahead will be packed with some commitments.


It implies more opportunities to unwind and go through with family and friends. At the same time, transportation issues and traveling time is cut down, which only goes to enhance customer comfort further. What’s more, what used to be a regular hometime dinner has become a multi-cuisine menu, where you can choose dishes to your liking. The administration permits clients to discover new areas of their range, skim menus, and request on the web. Whether it’s pizzas or Chinese food you need or noodles and intricately made sushi, all of it can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Chinese love Imported Food


In addition to all this, the order procedure is pretty simple. You just visit the online catalogs of the many restaurants you like to go through the served dishes choosing the ones you like. It’s simple after then. The rider, with your steaming hot food, is at your door within an hour. Simple, fast, and tasty food is served. When food can be bought this easily, more and more people prefer to order online which is also urging other restaurants to open an online profile on WeChat.

Future outlook

The Chinese consumers are huge fans of e-Commerce and we can see a fast advancement of the e-Commerce nourishment market. Chinese customers acknowledge having the capacity to buy items on the web with numerous new stages accessible for online nourishment shopping. In a June 2015 study of web clients in China, 24.5% showed they had acquired crisp nourishment digitally. Already the world’s biggest, the Chinese online basic supply business sector is developing quickly and will essentially predominate different nations by 2020.

Tmall Supermarket push the food consumption in China


Yihaodian is the leader in online supermarket


China : a technological society

This will be fueled by more individuals in China having admittance to the web both through cell phones and different gadgets.

F&B Trends in China

This only goes to show the rising trends for Chinese online food chains. Of course, with more advancement, this online popularity is expected to rise even further. Those who can gain benefit from it are striving for an improved online portfolio. Those restaurants that are still foreign to this mode of online ordering, need to be revamped as well. This will lead to improved sales and greater popularity, which is for their own good after all!

What Brands need to care in China ? ecommerce-china-agency

  • Awarness to attract as many visitors as possible.
  • Offer : to transform this visitor in potential buyer
  • Your reputation, to transform this potential buyer into customers
  • Your services, to let them rebuy it .

Reputation is important, hard to get, and easy to lose. For example, this company loses the trust of its customers because of simple rumors.


How to sell on Douyin in China

Selling on Douyin, China’s dynamic counterpart to TikTok, offers food brands a unique opportunity to tap into a massive and engaged audience.

GMA 5 effective tactics food brands can employ to maximize their presence and drive sales on this platform, each presented with a creative twist for better engagement and recall.

1. “Feast for the Eyes: Visual Storytelling”

  • Tactic: Use high-quality, visually appealing content to tell your brand’s story. From farm-to-table journeys, behind-the-scenes looks at food preparation, to aesthetically pleasing dish presentations, captivating visuals can spark interest and drive engagement. Leverage Douyin’s short video format to showcase your products in action, making viewers crave your offerings.

2. “Taste-Test in Motion: Live Streaming Sessions”

  • Tactic: Host live streaming sessions where chefs or influencers cook with your products, offer live taste tests, and interact with the audience in real-time. This tactic not only humanizes your brand but also allows for direct engagement with potential customers, answering their questions, and showcasing the versatility and quality of your products.

3. “The Flavor of Collaboration: Partnering with KOLs”

  • Tactic: Collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers on Douyin who align with your brand’s values and audience. These influencers can create sponsored content, product reviews, and recipe videos featuring your products, leveraging their trust and influence to drive your brand’s message home to a wider audience.

4. “Bite-Sized Buzz: Hashtag Challenges”

  • Tactic: Create or participate in hashtag challenges related to food, cooking, or dining experiences. These challenges can encourage user-generated content, increase brand visibility, and create a community around your brand. Offer incentives or prizes to motivate participation and ensure the challenge is fun and accessible.

5. “Savor the Convenience: Seamless Shopping Experience”

  • Tactic: Utilize Douyin’s integrated e-commerce features to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible. Ensure that viewers can easily purchase your products through in-video links or your brand’s Douyin store. Optimize your Douyin storefront with attractive product listings, promotional deals, and customer reviews to encourage immediate purchases.

By implementing these tactics, food brands can effectively leverage Douyin’s vast platform to connect with their target audience in China, enhance brand recognition, and boost sales through engaging and interactive content.


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