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Chinese digital eco system favours the online pharmacy market

The digitalization of health is actually launched. It is not just about the sale of medication but we can see that digitalization at different levels. Nowadays, you can have a diagnostic online, take an appointment and of course buy medication. This evolution  can be justified by the fact that hospitals were to busy. So the government wants a certain fluidity.  Chinese people are massive internet users. They are used to order good and services on it. This is possible thanks to big e-commerce platform such as T Mall and Jing Dong that keep growing. As a consequence, e-commerce development of e-pharmacy is easy not only because the demand is swelling but also because of the importance place that takes e-commerce in the Chinese society.

The increasing  demand in healthcare

One could wonder why Chinese people are more demanding of medication. The reasons stem from the evolving Chinese way of life which tend to be a mix of western lifes and their own cultural belief. In China the work has an important place in the life because earning money is at the top of Chinese people’s concern. Chinese people have short holidays, sometimes hard working environment and very long days. These elements explain why they need some medical support to follow the routine like dietary supplements. They want medicine to fulfil their needs of energy. The desire to boost their immune system, counter stress, fight delay aging etc. Because they don’t have a lot  free times it is more convenient for them to use home delivery services provided by e-pharmacies. Chinese citizens don’t have much time to go at the hospital. Consequently, they are always looking for self-service which mean self-medication. Sometimes they can use traditional medicine with is very current is China. They are looking most of the time for rapid medicines. That is the reason why rapid deliveries are welcome. Sales on e-pharmacy showed that herbal ingredients are the most popular medicines. Chinese people don’t really purchase prescription drugs because they’re afraid of sides effects and also because they have a true believe In the power of natural medicine. However, oddly we notice growing demand for products to fight allergies, colds and dermatological products. This trend can be explained by the fact that air in China is extremely polluted and humid which can damage skin. Because this product don’t have a direct impact on the stomach and other organs, they reckon that it is less dangerous.

Government legislation

Chinese government is getting more involved in the regulation of this market. Sellers are in charge of the quality and the safety of the drugs they deliver to people so they must respect procedures in the the transportation and storage of the drugs. Online platforms are required to confirm that sellers are legal drug producers, wholesalers or chain retailers.

Key of online pharmacy success

Online pharmacy business is composed of big players such as Tmall Yao, Alibaba group. It is essential in this field to target effectively costumers and identify what are their real needs. Even if, for medication, the brand’s image seems less meaningful, it is important to have a strong brand image and presence on social media platform for example. It is also the opportunity to exchange with costumers and collect their opinion about your brand and products. In order to perform in your sale, you may advertise your product on mobile phone throughout applications. If people write good things about you. Online pharmacy is a very flourishing market in China, however because big players are very powerful, you need to adjust your strategy as well as possible in order to reach your target by being specific. Chinese social media have an important role in your success beacsue people interact and spread their opinion about your brand GMA can provide you a good analysis of the market and an accurate strategy.   For more information, please go to the contact section   Read also: Key of e-commerce in China          [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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