Online Reputation Management Agency in China

Online reputation management in China impacts so much on a brand’s image and visibility. Chinese search engine results and social media platforms are effective tools used for online reputation. Online reputation is the image that a business creates amongst Chinese internet users. Tools available to use are online public relations, internet word of mouth –buzz marketing , content writing in Chinese, copywriting, blog posts, high profile interviews, Chinese influencers and key opinion leaders, Billboard screen [BBS], newsletters and managing your Chinese community.

Community Management

A highly engaged community can be targeted for online reputation and for branding a service , a good image results in traffic generation. Chinese social media are the ideal tools for this with Sina Weibo, WeChat and SNS used to build a reputation about a brand among Chinese internet users. A brand can create awareness and visibility among the internet community using this persuasive tools. Identify your target, reach out to them and mobilize them through community management with key opinion leaders and influencers.

Chinese Search Engines

Chinese search engines like Baidu, Sogou, Soso, Qihoo 360 and more are the tools to change the image of a brand with a high search ranking result. Pay-per-click, SEO/SEM, pay-per-mile can increase e-reputation. Optimizing a brand to rank highly on the search engine results can improve reputation. Brands in China are known to enjoy high ranking rates in SEO keywords that improves image, visibility and conversion rate for optimization.

Chinese influencers, KOL

The influencers and key opinion leaders can be used for e-reputation management in China. These are already established online figures who have built a highly influential community around them. Bloggers and content writers can be used to improve a brands reputation especially if the message is expressed in creative local languages. The Chinese have a way of presenting their content in creative local expressions through their talented bloggers, celebrities, content writers and copywriters to maintain positive reputations.

Public Relations

Online portals in the Chinese media like Sena Weibo and WeChat are powerful tools for online e-reputation management in China. With digital tools awareness like Banner display, campaign management, Billboard screen and mobile display advertisements, online reputation can be managed in China.

Buzz marketing

The internet word of mouth [IWOM] curated by quality, creative Chinese translators is a tool to manage online reputation in China, as they address the right target audience with impressive, quality messages that promote services. The role played by viral marketing is always result oriented, creating awareness and improved visibility, image projection and attracting attention. It is upgrading the image of a brand from what it used to be to a new level with promotions, brand campaigns and product marketing.

Banner Display and Retargeting

Banner display and retargeting is a campaign that puts a brand’s logo on social media to boost the reputation of their services. Chinese influencers and celebrities from respected professions have used this platform over time to improve brands. If a high profile influencer appears in banner display remarketing with a brand logo, the possibility of the brand image being boosted is high. Social media in China like Sina Weibo and WeChat all have these campaign remarketing and banner display options for brand optimization.


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