Group-buying project by Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo (PDD), China’s second-largest e-commerce platform in terms of sales volumes has launched the project “Group-buying of agricultural products” via livestreaming, a drive amid Covid-19.

International cooperation livestreams

The livestreaming session doesn’t concern only Chinese agricultural products. On June 23, PDD cooperated with the Royal Thai Consulate in Shanghai to showcase Thai tropical fruits. This livestream lasted only four hours, but it has attracted more than 330,000 viewers.

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The successful livestreaming selling is actually part of Pinduoduo’s recent launch of the “Global Goods Recommendation Officer” series activities. In early June, ambassadors, consuls and counselors from 10 Central and Eastern European countries including Serbia, Latvia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Bulgaria, have organized livestreams with PDD to promote their local specialties.

Two appearances in academic reports in June

Two reports published in June by two universities of prestige have metioned PDD.

On June 11, a research group of Tsinghua University has released a report to present their research on new e-commerce reshaping the development of China’s agricultural industry chain. It was underlined the important role of PDD in alleviating poverty in China’s rural areas.

According to the report, PDD’s direct-to-consumer model, cutting out the middlemen in the long traditional supply chain,

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