The growing Internet accessibility via mobile devices is driving an expansion of e-commerce over the world and the retail market is changing.

We are a prestigious Digital Marketing in China and all of our costumers are very satisfied with our services.

China is currently experiencing an enormous growth in e-commerce. In 2015 it’s expected that e-commerce in China will be worth US$540 billion by 2015.

Worldwide companies are ready to take advantage of this situation and their penetration into the Chinese market is rapidly increase.


An online store is a very important part of a successful business in China. This will increase your chances of reaching a larger number of customers that have already gotten used to go online for shopping. So, if you have a e-shop with professional design, your sales will increase and so will your number of customers.

Why brands like to work with us for their e-commerce in China?

Because with our services, and great customer services we make sure that our clients get what they deserve, the best services for increasing their e-commerce sales in China!


Through our services, our clients obtain an optimized e-commerce site working accordingly to their goals and specifications.

What can we do for you?

You will have a better strategy:

When you hire our digital marketing agency, we will design an exclusive marketing strategy in order to reach your objectives for your e-commerce. At the same time we analyze your potential customers and we adapt the e-commerce strategy to reach them. This guarantees better success with a better e-commerce


Professional design:

This is a very important aspect, our agency has a team of professionals including designers who will design your online store in a professional, attractive and reliable way. This is critical because the first impression will determine if users will stay there or leave. Our agency is able to design an intuitive, attractive and easy to use page.

Customer Service:

Our top of the line customer service is one of our biggest strength! At Gentlemen Marketing Agency we think that you, as a customer are a partner as well. As such, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we have a very reactive response team, always ready to take care of any difficulties that may arise.

ecommerce China

What happens if you don’t understand the Chinese market? And if you do not know what are the rules of the local game? The answer is easy, your product, either through e-commerce channels or conventional trade, will never reach to the right audience and the right way and the investment you have made, however small it might be, it will lost for being misdirected.

We understand perfectly the Chinese consumers, their habits, their desires and their behaviors. This knowledge allows us to create efficient marketing strategies and well focused on the targeted audience. We make sure that, with us, you come to understand

  • The rules of the local market
  • Where it is most relevant to invest.
  • The right way to reach your customers
  • Where are the right places to sell your products to your customers

Our agency knows the latest trends in terms of Chinese users or updates platforms and because of this, we offer the latest marketing strategies.

If you are looking for professionals to develop your e-commerce site in China, contact us. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is your marketing agency in China!


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