The new generation of Chinese are educated, sophisticated, and tech-savvy. They demand quality, comfort, convenience, choice, and safety. In the digital age, click and mortar companies offer most of these options to their consumers. A wide range of products sourced from across the globe, high-quality products from reputed brands, convenience of ordering from your home, comfortable shipping to your door-step, and above all highly secured payment options. Chinese are attracted to online shopping in a big way. The success of their home grown ecommerce store “Alibaba” proves this beyond doubt. The sales of Alibaba, have surpassed the global combined sales of Amazon, and eBay, world leaders in e-commerce retailing.

China is the land of e-commerce

As a country with the highest population in the world, China also has more internet users than in any other country with this backdrop the already booming online business is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2015.

These facts backed by numbers are teasing global businesses, and attracting them towards Chinese growing e commerce space. China has a unique culture and life style. Their government companies need to understand these factors before entering this huge market.

Here is a list of factors to consider for your online business in China:


The key to success in China is localization. It is recommended that you host your site with a Chinese hosting company, using .CN for domain name, though .Com is also popular, to avoid any censorship issues from the government, you need to have an ICP certificate. Also, Chinese should be the language for your online store in China, following SEO techniques’ of local search engine Baidu, is important as it controls 90% of the market in China, with Google having a mere 1% market share in China.


Easy Navigation:

Your website design should be appealing to Chinese consumer catering to the Chinese taste. Chinese prefer small typography, and large images with beautiful colors, more information, etc. Also, the shopping, check out process should be very easy.


Price & Shipping:

Price is a crucial factor in any business, the rule applies to online business in china, as well! Many local companies offer huge discounts’, offers, etc all this has made Chinese believe that online stores have a competitive, in fact low pricing system. It becomes important to follow a pricing method to suit the expectations’ of Chinese consumers. Also, shipping is another huge factor; with China being vast country shipping to every door-step in the remote corners is a challenge. A top notch delivery service is what gives you the edge



Instilling trust among consumers is very crucial factor in online business. With internet being very susceptible to scams Chinese are very cautious about dealing with the websites, and providing their information online. You have to build and instil trust in Chinese about the credibility of your company. Social-media campaigns, credible advertising, etc helps build your image among consumers. Also, Chinese use their methods of payments such as Tencent, Alipay as against the PayPal used globally. You need to accept such payments to gain trust, and be able to do business.

PR public

 In addition, you must have a response team ready to react in case of bad buzz showing. Indeed, it may take you months to build a strong reputation but seconds to have it destroyed on social networks were information spreads like wildfire.

Final words

Above all you will have to make every possible effort to improve, and increase your online store’s visibility by following Baidu’s search techniques. Campaigns on social media for promotion, and using the instant, and short messaging services as part of your marketing and branding campaigns is very important. The growing Chinese online business worth billions of dollars is definitely worth trying using the right techniques.

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