Like Amazon, Alibaba is a giant in E commerce. It is a plate form where many suppliers and customers meet and do online transactions. Alibaba is also a concentration of suppliers and customers located all over China territories and above.ecommerce-china

The giant extend its logistics

The giant Alibaba announced this month that he is extending itself talking about logistics by introducing self-pickup delivery across Hong Kong today for goods purchased on

Jack Ma Alibaba

Taobao Marketplace Hong Kong. It will be easier for customers living in Hong Kong to receive their packages or goods. They will simply have to order and buy the good online then give the address where they want to receive their command at the nearest 7-1 logistic agency or post

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Working with partners

The e-commerce giant formed a partnership with local agency in Hong-Kong to make this solution come true. They sign partnership contract with 7-1logistic agency and Hong Kong Post which is the city’s government-run postal service.
Now for any purchase on Taobao Market place, the customers and users can opt to pick up their items at one of over 200 designated locations. These locations are made of 125 Hong Kong Post, while 7-11 and a bevy of local logistics providers operate the remainder.

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The expansion of Alibaba

Dealing with Japan’s Rakuten and South Korea’s Alibaba is increasingly extending his range of online services over mainland China by exporting its Alipay and nowadays with Hong Kong and the off-line payment services.
Meanwhile Alibaba in May invested US$250 million in SingPost, which is the Singapore’s semi-private postal service for offer the Singaporeans off-line services. They don’t have certitude that these partnership establish for facilities of logistics will successfully persuade Singaporeans or Hong Kongers to buy more goods on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites, but the company focus more on what it can to boost its market position in the name of expansion.

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The importance of delivering services

In China if there is a lot of customer you should also notice that there are a lot of suppliers. For one product services there will be quantitative propositions offer to a customer so as every supplier have to look for how to offer best services to attract customers to them. Delivering packages on time will become an even more important proposition for the suppliers.

China is also as much a land of opportunities as it is a big country and it is clear that your company can not be located everywhere at every place in cities so making partnership for delivering will also help customers to easily contacts you because they will easily get their products where ever they are far or near of you.            ecommerce

Also if you sell on multiple channels, or if you want greater flexibility, you might investigate services whose sole mission is to help shippers save time, be more efficient, and turn shipping into a competitive advantage

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