New technologies and sex s have always been coming hand in hand. Some even argue that pornography is to thank for the fast support of images and videos on the worldwide web. The tale might be exaggerated as only 4% out of the 1 million most visited websites are porn-related, and only 13% of internet searches. But today with the emerging virtual reality and robotic, it is a whole new ball game…


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Virtual Reality and Robots Are Coming

What is exciting and tarrying with these new technologies is how they can be applied to everything. They are bound to change the world we know as deeply as the information revolution and computers did. That is why companies and investors are fighting to get involved.

It has already been years that virtual reality and robotics both are getting some serious traction to make them become a reality. VR is pushed by several huge companies such as Facebook with Oculus Rift. Today we can see that technology is becoming more and more refined. The matter is not if, but when they become part of our daily lives.

Concerning robotics, Japan is already massively experimenting applications for the medical sector. The aging population is a real issue there, and technology help is dearly needed.

Virtualreality robots

When Sex Inters the Equation

Sex is a very vast industry, from toys to pornography it grosses billions each and every year. And they are not scared of innovation in the slightest. They worked on sex dolls for instance to make them increasingly realistic. But when do VR and Robotics make their apparition on this market?

The answer is they are already, in a very early stage:

The future role of robotic in the sex industry does not take a PhD to figure out. The concept of sex robot having the appearance and feel of real humans have been a recurring theme in science fiction. Shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the vampire slayer, displayed such characters.

Virtual sex also had its share of screen time. When Sylvester Stallone ends up in the future in the popular Demolition man movie, as seen in the feature photo of this article, he was dismayed when he found out that when she said sex, she implied virtual sex.

Tenga (Japanese company) is maybe the first to have fully taken advantage of what current virtual technology has to offer with the first “virtual sex suit.” See video below (warning – explicit content):

But no doubt this a field that will see many more headlines in the years to come.


What about Ethics?  And Is It Already Illegal in China?

There are serious ethics and health concerns when it comes to these technologies. Virtual addiction is already a thing. Games such as World of Warcraft weren’t just game for some players, and gaming addicts started to show up on reality shows during the last decade.

It is more than likely that we will see this kind of addiction grows wider as the virtual experience becomes more immersive and more reality-like. As history shows, legislators are always one step behind innovation. When the first cars saw the light of the day, there weren’t any specific rules towards them. In France for instance, the horse carriage regulations were used.

China has stricter law than most concerning pornography. It is forbidden. So is prostitution and group sex. However, the government has proven unwilling to enforce these legislations too forcefully. And as a result, China has what is estimated as the biggest prostitution “market” in the world and pornography from abroad (especially Japan, from where it mostly come from) is abundant.



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