Can I use Shopify in China? Is it working well? you will know everything about e-Commerce and the newt strategy of Shopify in China.

JD partner with Shopify in China.

Two of the largest e-commerce companies in the world have joined forces., a major Chinese online retailer, has joined forces with Ottawa-based Shopify in a strategic partnership to tap China’s immense appetite for imported goods and help Chinese merchants export overseas.

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This news is causing a stir in China’s cross-border electronic commerce community. The JD-Shopify alliance will be directly competing with Alibaba in the first part of this deal. JD’s arch-nemesis owns a large import business that included 35,000 international brands at the end of. Alibaba was the gateway to China for more than 6 000 brands last year.

The JD-Shopify alliance has been importing products into China for many years. However, the brand onboarding process can sometimes take up to a year. JD is often called the Amazon of China because of its large investment in logistics. Shopify-powered brands will be able to sell to JD’s 500,000,000 active buyers within four weeks. To get sellers prepared, the platform will use automated translation and price discussion tools. It will also fly goods via its cargo flights between the U.S.A. and China.

JD does more than help brands sell and market in China. JD has created JD Sourcing, a service that provides sourcing services for Shopify store owners. The seller will submit a product request through JD Sourcing. Once JD confirms that the product is in stock, the Chinese e-commerce company will send it to an overseas warehouse. It will then be available for listing on Shopify and drop-shipping to customers.

The deal’s other component, which involves bringing Chinese goods to the US via Shopify’s direct order solution, is very competitive. Amazon has been building itself as a gateway to Chinese exporters. It employs an army of personnel in China to search and manage merchants. Amazon’s recent crackdown against fake reviews has caused shockwaves in China’s e-commerce industry. However, the Seattle-based giant remains an attractive channel for exporters due to its market dominance.

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Many Amazon sellers are investing more in product design and branding to meet stricter platform policies. Others may accept offers from brand-aggregators (also known as Amazon roll-ups).

JD-Shopify could be a good option for Chinese exporters. Although Shopify is a great option for people who want to increase their brand awareness, it requires more effort from sellers. This means that they must be more involved in marketing and logistics fulfillment.

JD will manage cross-border shipping through the Shopify partnership.

Both e-commerce giants seem to complement each other well — Shopify offers a wide range of products, while JD provides extensive global warehousing infrastructure and shipping infrastructure. This alliance is worth keeping an eye on.

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