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The little red book : a key tool in the beauty market

The little red book: What is it? The application is Chinese and thus totally unknown in Europe or America. However, with its 200 million users it is worth being known. Especially if you want to bring your company to the Chinese market. Also known as RED or...

Top websites to sell your book in China

China is a huge country. It has 1.386 billion people. When we talk about China the numbers are often impressive. The country represents an opportunity for anyone who wants to do business there. But what about the literature market? Overview of the market For the book...

Tmall Global to Distribute More Imported Fresh Products

Tmall is an e-commerce platform in full development, created in 2008 by Taobao. The company was acquired by the Alibaba group in 2011, and split into 3 distinct units : TabaoTmalleTao The platform differs from Taobao because the latter focuses on the...


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