After six years, the Chinese Nutrition Society reissued the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022)” in April 2022. This sparked heated debate within the society. The updated version of the guidelines includes improved guidelines for food intake, food types, and intakes. It also advocates, for the first time, the ‘Oriental healthy eating pattern’. This is due to the deep concern about the current structure of the Chinese diet and nutritional status.

First Chinese Nutrition Festival

The 518 National Nutrition Festival was established in response to the huge proposal regarding national nutrition. As one of the long-term nutrition education and knowledge dissemination activities of the Chinese Nutrition Society, the China Nutrition Festival will implement science outreach and food education projects nationwide, raise public awareness of nutrition, and promote healthy eating habits.

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The reference media Xinhuanet hosted the first China 518 Nutrition Festival, which was co-organized with By-Health, the industry leader in VDS, under the guidance and professional advice of the Chinese Nutrition Society. The festival’s theme was “Scientific Nutrition, Chinese Nutrition”, which promoted dietary diversification, the scientific contribution of 7 major nutrients, and the promotion of dietary diversification. It is designed to raise health awareness, and improve the health and quality of life of citizens.

The China 518 Nutrition Festival builds on the strengths to draw on high-quality resources from all walks of life. It inspires more questions and discussions on nutrition at the national level in the shortest possible time. Xinhuanet, as the organizer of this event, is leading the media network and broadcasting the launch ceremony to all on 18 May.

The Chinese national team, which has been adhering to scientific education, scientific food, and scientific nutrition for many years, is joining the Chinese Nutrition Festival. The festival is represented by a group of national-level athletes, such as Gu Ailing, world champion freestyle skier, Yuan Xinyue, Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia, Yuan Xinyue, and Yuan Xinyue who participate in Chinese skiing. The Chinese rowing team (the Chinese volleyball team), the Chinese kayaking team (the Chinese rugby team), and many other champion teams have used Chinese athletes to communicate the concept of scientific nutrition to 1.4 billion people.

Chinese Nutrition Festival reaches thousands of households

BY-HEALTH also participates in the nutrition festival as a leading company in the industry. It works together with national pharmacy chains. With the support of the chains’ special press conferences and brand roadshows in the cities, it reaches consumers and spreads the science of nutrition to a wider audience.

The pharmacy chains are an important line of defense for national health care. They are the link between scientific nutrition advocacy and mass consumers.

The first-ever “518 Nutrition Day” in China

Yesterday is the first-ever “518 Nutrition Day” in China. It was held two days before the upcoming holidays.

The event was sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, and guided by the China Nutrition Committee. It was created in response to the “Health China 2030” initiative. This is a national project to promote health education, as well as a massive call for a healthy lifestyle.

It is clear that good health is vital for all Chinese citizens, regardless of their socio-economic background. This figure is likely to have doubled due to the recent pandemic.

Despite their desire to lead a healthy life, a recent street interview conducted by Xinhua revealed that the majority of Chinese citizens are unaware of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet. JD Health, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant, has published the “Gen Z (2022) Consumer Trends Report”, in which nutritionists express concern about the excessive consumption of anxiety-inducing health products by China’s younger generation.

This event is an excellent opportunity to get the government’s message about “dietary diversification” and the “scientific intake” of seven nutrients.

Weibo hosted interactive activities led by nutrition experts. They shared dietary advice for key age groups, including office workers and the elderly. The hashtag, “518 China Nutrition Day”, was viewed more than 42 million times on the largest microblogging site. Other live broadcasts focused on hot topics such as “How to customize nutrition” and debunking popular nutrition myths.

The initiative, which is part of the “Scientific Nutrition for a Healthy China” theme, has attracted the attention of young and old alike. It has received support from dozens of people online. The ads feature familiar faces, such as world champion skier Eileen Gu and other professional athletes from China’s national rugby, volleyball, and cycling teams. This is part of their success in raising awareness.

Food and beverage companies, as well as those in the sports sector, have the opportunity to participate in future celebrations. The “518th China Nutrition Day” will help ensure a healthier future for generations to come.

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