Do you want to sell contraceptives such as condoms in China? Not that easy …The example of Durex the famous brand of condoms will show you that …

Durex is a brand that soon turns 89 and sells condoms to just over a quarter of the world. Holding 30% of the market at the time but the size of the market was so small … since one in ten Chinese uses condoms.
The brand had the ambition to expand its sales nationwide but realized that the strategy that works in Western countries does not work in China.

Counterfeiting, by the way, is one of the reasons society could not get good value for its condoms, as imitations flood the Chinese market. On the one hand … on the other hand: it was impossible to attract the attention of potential users yes … since advertising is expensive in China! And the distribution costs; even worse … impossible to sell the product outside of Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. The Chinese market is certainly promising but you need to make effort to find the right strategy that will encourage Chinese users to buy less cheap condoms and opt for a foreign brand! And I can tell you that the challenge is big …

So to succeed in a market such as China you need two things: ambitious but also patience!
We have seen through Durex’s example of how a new strategy can help increase sales and prices, your market share will only increase.

Yes … The Chinese environment is competitive and makes it difficult for any foreign company to maintain these usual prices. Forget TV commercials: the diversity of TV channels make it hard for you to target your audience.

Think of new strategies that will make you a leader in the market:
I’ve put together strategies that will help you enter a market as fertile as the Chinese market … Ready? Let’s go!
Rather than adjusting your strategy little by little, choose a strategy based on five pillars:

1-  Social Networks

Know that a 30-second advertising slot in Beijing is four times more expensive than the same niche in California. In fact, an advertising campaign that sends a message to the people of Shanghai costs four times more than if you would like to spread the same message to the total population of a country such as India!

The solution is obvious: about 90% of the Chinese population uses social networks including WeChat wish is  the Holy Bible Chinese people, so take advantage of this tool to promote your brand, your name will appear on the news feed for male and female consumers, as long as everyone is concerned about the sexual act!
Or on Weibo which is the equivalent of Twitter in China, knowing that the country has more than 750 million Internet users, three times more users than the US, who do not leave the web all day long. A tool where Chinese publish videos and links, collect news and buy products online.

2- Story Telling 

A condom is a rather special product, I would say that it is intimate and personal, and therefore the sale is quite delicate or difficult, even if you target young people, so you have to opt for a softer approach … Very simple: tell them exciting stories, stories that convey your message without being direct, they like to discover a product through an adventure an anecdote or a joke, all this by creating a main character in your story; you can publish videos or images about the importance of sexual health and subtle messages about love and emotions.

3- Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing concept that consists of making a picture or a video Buzz,  through a support and a second a third … until you reach thousands of views and likes and shares, and all that for free!  The user promotes your brand by sharing your content! Nothing better to increase the number of leads and increase sales, and therefore achieve more profits.

4- KOL’s Campaign

 Key Opinion Leader,  are known influencers who have an audience of their own, who follow them constantly and who generate views and likes every day, choosing the right KOL is very important because there is no better influencer, it all depends on your target and the spirit of your business. Do not make the mistake of choosing a KOL just based on the number of subscribers, if it does not have the same values as your business it will contribute to your failure.

5- Online sales: a weapon priceless! 

The distribution is very expensive in China because the trade is generally done on the family stores.
It is, therefore, necessary to review your distribution strategy. The creation of an e-commerce site is the first step to achieve more sales: Alibaba Taobao,, My Little Red Book, or WeChat Store are all platforms which you can partner to keep pace with online sales, so you will allow Chinese consumers to buy condoms on the Net. They will be able to shop condoms via WeChat and Weibo and have the product delivered to their home or office.

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