Kuaishou is one of China’s hottest video-sharing and live-streaming apps. Today, Kuaishou has 700 million registered users.

Is Kuaishou the original short-video king in China ?

Firstly, it is showed that Kuaishou has more daily active users than Twitter and Snapchat. Still, it would not be a surprise if you have never heard about this video-sharing platform. In fact, Kuaishou maintains a low profile outside China. Kuaishou has started an ambitious plan to create a platform that seamlessly blends e-commerce, short videos, and live streaming.

Kuaishou is not as popular as Douyin (Chinese version of Tik Tok). Nevertheless, this app is constantly growing, with daily active users nearly doubling every year since 2017. Kuaishou users tend to be younger and less cosmopolitan than the users of Douyin. That’s why it’s more difficult for Kuaishou to monetize.

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How does the biggest Tik Tok competitor make money?

  • LIVE STREAMING: the main revenue is the live streaming business. This involves many users purchasing virtual items from Kuaishou to gift to the streamers.
  • ADS AND ONLINE MARKETING: this app is also making money from online marketing and advertising which brought a lot of money in the past years.
  • E-COMMERCE AND GAMES: Kuaishou has begun venturing into e-commerce and mobile games which are really famous in our society. In fact, users can purchase items from online streamers via the Kuaishou app.

Why is Kuaishou a growing E-commerce app?

As we said before, Kuaishou is the second hottest short video app in China. It holds an 8% share of the e-commerce live streaming market in China following Alibaba’s Taobao Live and Douyin.

Kuaishou is a stronger relationship based platform, thus the e-commerce conversion rate on Kuaishou is higher than on Douyin.

Many top-selling Kuaishou influencers own small business. They often create content related to their daily business. For instance, the production steps for packing a product.

Nowadays, Kuaishou is pushing a lot to build its e-commerce system. It’s currently integrating with 6 e-commerce platforms and it needs more platforms to share e-commerce data.

To summarize, Kuaishou has a stronger user engagement, more live streaming content and stronger e-commerce conversion.

These differences create interesting opportunities for e-commerce players trying to pick the right platform to promote their products.

Kuaishou cements its place among China’s Internet giants

Kuaishou is the only app that gained the most users members with its short video and live broadcast platforms.

This app emerged as the popular choice for millions of Chinese live-streaming e-commerce sellers, including e-commerce giants like JD.com.

Furthermore, Kuaishou is considered to be the crucial driver of the growing e-commerce industry in China. The industry has been embraced so far by over one billion users, of which 100 million are from Kuaishou.

Nowadays, China has shown the effectiveness of short video and live streaming content in driving commercialization. So, platforms like Kuaishou are driving new brands, industries to experiment with using new content forms to achieve transformation and development.

Marketing strategies for a Kuaishou business account


For instance, Ziroom, a brand that provides rental services, introduced some of its advantages like a butler service by publishing videos that attract many users to download this app. To support these creators, Kuaishou started a new project to improve traffic and impressions which result in a substantial growth.


It is said that most of Chinese people prefer to use Kuaishou during the evening, exactly at 10PM. if you want to get more visibility you should post your video at that time.


When you post a video, you can add tags related to the content, the brand or the product. If someone finds your videos by searching for popular tags, your video will have the opportunity to make a second impression.


Live streaming is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of fans for brands’ accounts. Streamers can show products to consumers clearly, sell products and interact with audiences to explain the details of the product. Additionally, they can guide audiences to join the brand’s WeChat groups – that’s a crucial method to implement the relationships.


To increase your brand’s credibility you should apply to authenticate your account. After you get your account authenticated, business accounts can access the traffic resources like the discounts on headline promotions.

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